how to take your content from messy to clean

[Free Template] Take Your Content From Messy to Clean

You've all seen it:

The boring Facebook post where it's all about the coach, not the client.  Something like, "I'm so excited!  I'm having this free training.  Join me!"

And you probably yawn and move on, because they haven't told you why it's worth your while.

Or you may have been sent an article on how to "live well" and you don't really understand how it's going to help your life, so you only read the first 2 lines, figure it doesn't apply to you and delete it.

Ugh.  It's the case of MESSY content.

Messy content gets passed over on social media.

Messy content gets deleted from their inbox.

Messy content is forgotten.

Messy content doesn't get the sale.

How would it feel to have a an easy-to-use-worksheet to walk you through how to create compelling and CLEAN content?

Clean content paints a vivid picture for your tribe.

Clean content helps you relate to them in a way so they feel like they know you.

Clean content gets people buzzing and excited about the possibilities.

Clean content gets people to pick up the phone and say, "I need to work with you!"

I'm so pleased to share a brand new complimentary 2-Part Master Class with you that includes 2 Easy Templates:

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In this valuable 2 part training (that you'll be able to use and re-use) you'll

  • Learn my unique methodology for unearthing your clear authentic voice (so your marketing actually sounds like YOU and not a stiff imitation of how it's "supposed" to sound).
  • Get a Content Clarity Template to write clean, crisp and engaging copy every time.
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