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Want to get in a room with me IN PERSON? [Special opportunity]

Now YOU KNOW I'm as much of a fan of working in my PJs or yoga pants as the next girl. In this online world, we can get comfy on our couch and get inspired by so many online programs, you know?  It's amazing to be able to connect in this way AND it can sometimes leave you wanting more…

There's something powerful in getting gussied up and getting in a room full of powerful women.  

We all know it (even if we don't always do it):  We need to connect in a real, in-person way.

When I head to my monthly local mastermind meetings or jump on a plane to head to a conference, I know I am going to return changed.  I will have grown, evolved, laughed, cried, and I always feel inspired and refreshed.

And that lift and inspiration are invaluable for my business!

That's why I am SO THRILLED to provide you with an opportunity to jump on a plane and pow-wow with me for 3 days IN PERSON.

My amazing client and my financial coach Kevra Cherne is hosting a powerful 3-day "roll-up-your-sleeves and let's make money" event:

Get REAL. Get Clear. Make Money Now.A 3-Day Immersion to a Profitable Business March 26-28 in Kansas City

I'm super excited to be one of her guest speakers at this not-to-be-missed event!

Why a live event, you ask?  Why not another telesummit or online event?

You will have much opportunity to rub shoulders with successful and knowledgable women entrepreneurs face to face over coffee, meals, and through the get-it-done time at the event.  You simply cannot get that from a telesummit!

This event is affordable and attainable on purpose.  Kevra, being the financial wiz that she is, works with clients' finances daily and is tired of seeing so many who have invested in programs that haven't catapulted them to the success that they are craving.

She's ready to show you how to make more NET INCOME (a.k.a. take home pay or money in the bank) as opposed to higher sales (because there's a lot to operating your own business, right?) Don't we all want more money in the bank?

Kevra's got some tangible strategies you can

  • implement immediately into your business
  • WHILE defining what your dream business is
  • AND leveraging your time and money in the process

That sounds like real value, doesn't it? Join us

Take this opportunity to get in a room with not only me but other amazing women to empower yourself to take your business to the next level this year. (You may just find your next client or amazing going venture partner there!)

Kevra and I met at a live event over 18 months ago and have been key players in each others' business ever since!

Come learn, plan AND implement in a safe environment with fellow powerhouse business women at your fingertips.

OK - hold on!  Maybe you are saying, "But I need more info before I can truly decide (and convince my hubby!), Heather"  I get it!  That's why Kevra and I will be giving you a sneak peek tomorrow on Kevra's Straight Talk Google Hangout.

How Strong Is Your Commitment To More Cash Flow? Wednesday, February 19 8 am PT/9 am MT/10 am CT/11 am ET

Sign up to listen in here

Spend an hour with us tomorrow, and then take a deep breath and make this powerful commitment to join us in Kansas City.  You'll be glad you did, I promise!



P.S. I've got some super awesome new things up my sleeve such as:

A new package with my get-it-done style to support you with so much more than launching.

A brand new pilot program to connect not only with me but with each other.

For the moment I'm sharing them through private conversation only, because they aren't for everyone.

If you've been wanting to know what it's like to work with me and have been holding off for the right time, I still have 2 more spots for conversations this week.

Apply here if you are rearing to go and are just craving that extra bit of structure and grounded strategy to get you going.

To your success!