The number one reason your online launch didn't work (and it's not what you think)

So - I've come to the realization that I HAVE to say something…...

You all know me as

The Launch Queen


I'm really good at sharing all-things-online-marketing with you.

When I help my clients with launch of a new program online they

  • grow their lists big time
  • establish themselves as the expert in an oh-so powerful way
  • get BONUS opportunities such as being invited to speak or to guest author books
  • get amazing new clients.

It's so flippin' exciting to see their transformation every. single. time.

I love helping them celebrate this newfound vibrational upgrade that a launch helps them achieve.  It's the result of a lot of moving pieces that we have crafted together - and they execute like a queen!

But many times new people come to me who have been burned with online launch in the past.  It didn't work like they had envisioned, and they are M.A.D!

As I hear their frustration, I know that something BIG is missing that shoots people in the foot every time.

Are you ready for it?

They are not connecting enough OFFLINE.

Yep.  You see, successful business owners know that taking a holistic look to your business is crucial.  

Just like me telling you to "eat kale" and then you will instantly be healthy, doing ONLY an online launch is not a guaranteed path to success.

You can write emails up the wazoo and have all the to-do's checked off. But, if you are operating in robot-mode and not truly connecting with your tribe, you will fail.  

A thriving business has 2 tracks:  Online and Offline

We need to straddle both of these tracks as entrepreneurs in order to fully build up our know, like and trust factor.

Here's what I mean:

Have you ever signed up for something because you saw a speaker live and thought, "I like her!"  

Have you ever had a fabulous "let's get to know each other call" (with no strings attached) and then thought, "She's amazing. I need her!"

Have you ever had a great conversation with a colleague at a conference and kept in touch and eventually thought, "She's the right coach for me!"

These offline practices all involve in-person or phone conversations. You know - REAL ones like we used to have before we could text, tweet, or "like."

And these relationship-building techniques are



They help us feel connected. They get us out of the work-behind-our-computer world and into an "I see you" connection. And we as women are CRAVING connection.  

I'm not talking about the read-this-one-more-email connection, but true human connection.

And when we feel connected to a coach or potential partner, we want to do more with them.  

When we have connected in a human way and THEN supplement in an online way, we make more moolah.

If we don't infuse this "real" communication in our business, the marketplace is silent. They don't care. They can't "feel" you and so they don't respond.

And no one wants crickets chirping instead of clients calling!

So my question for you is:  Are you getting too online-heavy in your business?  Have you had a launch that focused only on the online portion?

If so, how can you take a more holistic view of your business in 2014 - one that includes online and offline approaches in a balanced way?

Here's what I mean:

Your online track can include:

  • Email marketing
  • Videos
  • Social media
  • Web copy

Your offline track can include:

  • Traveling to conferences
  • Discovery session calls
  • Local networking events
  • Speaking
  • Calls with potential referral or joint venture partners
  • "Thinking of you calls" to keep in touch

A GREAT launch combines pieces from both of these tracks! Crafting your online strategy is crucial, but picking up the phone or getting in front of people is just as important.  

Before the overwhelm kicks in and you say, "How do I do ALL of that?" here's my tip:

You don't have to do all of these in one launch (or even at all!) Finding the right balance of these is unique for each person.

In fact, one of my strengths is helping people get clear on WHICH of these to focus on right now - whether they want to launch or not. Together with my private clients we sit down, roll up our sleeves, and do a business assessment that helps us get clear on their next steps (that will help them reach their goal).

And you know what?

I have told some of them that they are not ready for an online launch!  

Instead we work together for them to stand out in the marketplace THEIR WAY. We put a strategy in place for them to balance both this online and offline approach, and it's amazing to see them absolutely THRIVE.

Do you wonder if you're getting too online-heavy? If so, how can you tweak that this year?

Questions? Email me and let's connect - you know, in a "real" way!  :)

To your powerful online AND offline business,


Ever wish you had this?

As I sit down to write marketing copy for my upcoming launch (shhh - I cannot wait to tell you more very soon!) I am taking myself through the creative writing exercises that I take my clients through.  And you know what?

Writing marketing copy can be hard!

Even for me - sometimes - and I have have been in marketing for over 10 years.

I find myself wanting to do something else.

I discover distractions so I can put it off.

I want to check in with someone else to say, "What do you think?"  Is this compelling?

It makes me wish I had a clone.

When I am in this "Is this right?" frame of mind - I tell myself to breathe and trust my instincts.  I don't over-think it because I'm really good at this and I have years of experience.

I often come back to my writing after a pause and I think, "Wow, Heather - that's really good!"

Or, if I run it by a colleague or client, their ears perk up and they say, "I want that!"

But many of you don't feel that way.

You may spend HOURS writing just one email (out of the 10+ I recommend for a successful launch) and think - Holy Cow!  This is HARD!  

You may think 

I feel like my words sound forced and inauthentic - how can I sound more like me?

I'm not really sure that I am truly touching on what my tribe is feeling.

I just want to have a marketing jam session with someone who is good at this so I can feel more confident about this.

If that's you - if you are craving to connect in a more authentic way so that marketing doesn't feel so forced and so stiff -  then this is for you:

What To Say In My Launch 2-hour VIP Intensive

Yep - a marketing jam just for you.  A private session to dive DEEP and to get my encouraging but tough love feedback.

Because let's face it:  You already ARE a marketer!  Every time you talk about your business you are marketing it.

A launch is really just you getting super excited and talking (marketing) about your services in a really powerful way.

Wouldn't it be helpful to know that you are truly "in your lane" with what to say?

How empowering would it be to sit down to write an email for your launch and know that "I've got this!"

What would your launch feel like if you went into it with clarity and confidence because you have a handle on your marketing copy - rather than feeling stressed and like your launch may flop because you can't keep up with all the stuff you need to write?

This 2-hour VIP option is a done-with-you service where I’m here to help you get clarity and provide my magic marketing feedback. You’ll leave with

  • 10 new blog or newsletter topics to use for your launch - (or in getting your feet wet in just THINKING about a launch!)
  • 5 new ideas on how to use social media to get more people to engage
  • Clarity on how exactly to relate to your tribe

so you can eliminate the overwhelm and be empowered to write in a way that works for you.

This is the very first step in my brand new signature Get Launched system.  I'm on a mission to empower YOU to attract your ideal tribe and I'm breaking it down for you in easy-to-do, digestible steps.

Why not be proactive this month and take this first step towards marketing yourself in an powerful yet authentic way?

What To Say In My Launch 2-hour VIP Intensive

Your investment: $497

And,  hurry, because during November only:

You will receive a free 30-minute "Am I saying this right?" review session from me after the intensive.

To that marketing jam session you've been craving,


P.S. Take advantage of this VIP Intensivenowand receive a complimentary 30-minute "Am I saying this right?" review from me after our intensive.

Introducing Step 1: What To Say In My Launch

Happy Thursday! I was talking to a client recently who, when we talked about what to say in her marketing and for her launch, she said, 'Heather, I have no idea what to say!"

We talked about what blocks were in her way, and she said,

  • I feel like I am shouting in my email
  • I'm not 100% sure that I'm tapping in to the needs and wants of my ideal client
  • I say the same thing over and over, and it's sounding like a broken record
  • How do I say what I need to say so it doesn't sound like it's all about me?

And I sent her off to do something creative.  She was a little shocked, as she thought that this would be procrastinating!

I assured her that no - she was actually going to stir up her creative juices and then we would sit down and get clear.

Clear on who her audience is. Clear on what to say.  Clear on how to relate to them on an personal and authentic level.And we did.

We dove deep into the needs, wants and desires of her client and came up with a list CHOCKED FULL of inspirational ideas of her launch and beyond.

She left our intensive feeling empowered and ready to CONNECT with her tribe in a deeper way than she ever had before.

Getting CLEAR on your ideal client is Step 1 in my Get Launched Signature System.  

Take a look at this video to meet my dog and to learn more: 

 Step 1 is VITAL - and once you have it - your launch, your marketing, your steps towards your end goal are SO MUCH EASIER!  

Take advantage of this month's special offer:

What To Say In My Launch 2-hour VIP Intensive

Your investment: $497

And,  for 4 more people who enroll in this intensive in November:

You will receive a free 30-minute "Am I saying this right?" review session from me after the intensive.

I'm on a mission to empower YOU to attract your ideal tribe and I'm breaking it down for you in easy-to-do, digestible steps. This is your very first step!

To your clarity (and your copy)!


P.S. Take advantage of this VIP Intensivenowand receive a complimentary 30-minute "Am I saying this right?" review from me after our intensive.

Guess where I'm speaking? (take a look)

You know the best part about launching and shining your light out to the world about what you do?  Opportunities come to you in amazing ways!

As a result of my most recent launch, I’ve been invited to speak at an extraordinary online event:  

Launch Your Expertise – simple strategies to leverage your expertise.

This interview series spotlights top strategic global marketing and sales experts who reveal their secret-sauce success formulas on a wide variety of list building, marketing, and sales topics to help you stay focused, motivated, and creative.

Ever since I've started my business I've sought out mentors who can share their best successes with me so I can learn too.   Because, as Maya Angelou says, "When you know better, you do better. " 

And that's why I'm so excited to present you with over 25 different perspectives on how you can GO BIG with your business - and it's all for f.r.e.e.

This is so much more than an interview series… This is a global online training so you can learn how to serve more people and make more money with your business (and have more fun)!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • Why launching your expertise is so important to your business and your BIG bottom line.
  • How to reach and impact more people so YOU are the ONLY solution for your ideal clients.
  • Tips and tools to help you launch your expertise and fill your sales funnel with products and services that people buy.
  • How to be save time and energy while getting the most out of your marketing efforts.
  • How to use authentic selling techniques that close sales more easily.

And the best part is, this event is totally free!

Find out all the details here

To shining YOUR light,


P.S. Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who might benefit from this information!  

P.S.S.  Please join our Leverage Your Expertise FB group for more fun.

P.S.S.S.  Please join the LIVE Twitter conversation on #launchexpertise

Are you a 10-gallon person? A Sunday must-see.

Happy Sunday , I hope you are relaxing and having fun this weekend!

This weekend we have been taking our kids and friends to their first middle school dance of the year while Dave and I enjoyed a date night.  (I had to giggle at the girls primping while the boys barely brush their teeth!)

We also watched my daughter's volleyball game and I got a much needed "taking good care of myself during launch time" massage.

And it just keeps getting better!

Tonight is my time to shine on TV!  Hee!Hee!  Well, you won't actually see me - I was in an audience of 15,000 people.  BUT, airing tonight on OWN at 8 pm CT is Oprah's LifeClass with Bishop TD Jakes on Bringing Families Together, and I was there.

And I can tell you, it's gonna be AMAZING.  

Take a look here to see what the bishop has to say about 10-gallon people.

This episode got me thinking about you all.  You guys are amazing, talented women solopreneurs who have a HUGE light to shine into the world.  

You are 10-gallon women!

But maybe you just don't know the best way to get that 10-gallon-ness into the marketplace....

Maybe it's bubbling inside of you - percolating and growing and sometimes you feel like you are BURSTING inside - but outside you remain stuck.  

You stifle it, because you're not sure if the world is ready for your message.

Or you put if off, because you're not sure if YOU are ready to share it.

Maybe you just don't know the steps to get it out there in a 10-gallon way.

By now I hope you've had a chance to listen to the replayof my free training on how to Be A Launch Queen.

And you've seen my exciting new Be A Launch Queen Virtual Group Program.

And you may have a bunch of thoughts about if this program is right for you, such as:

I want to try this launch thing on my own before I get your guidance.

A launch has a lot of moving pieces.  Sometimes you don't know what you don't know before you begin a project such as a launch.

This course will help you navigate those pieces in an easy, effective and POWERFUL was (and even have some FUN while doing it!)

Now isn't that better than trying to sweat it out on your own?

Will I be ready to launch at the end of this course?

It depends.  There are many moving pieces in a launch and there could be some pieces you'd like to put in place before you are ready to rock and roll with your launch.

This course will help you understand the entire process and get you set up for - you'll get MANY pieces in place that you will be able to replicate launch after launch.  For maximum "Get My launch on NOW" support, I recommend the Fast Track upgrade.  

I can't afford it

The tips I’ll be showing you are DIRECTLY related to you bringing in more income.

If you’ve been following any bigger coaches or more successful clients – launches are how they fill their client base.

This course is going to give you the Paint-By-Numbers easy plan to reaching clients around the world.

The tools you will be provided in this course can help you with launch after launch, so it will pay for itself many times over.

This sounds hard! I don’t think I can do it.

A launch is one of the most effective ways to get yourself known in the marketplace AND draw in ideal clients.

Chances are – without guidance or support like this – you will never launch a product or program. How would it feel to have the guidance and the community of support to be a springboard for your launch success?

How do I know this will work for me?

I will be showing you the best steps, tips, and how-tos that I show my private clients. I can guarantee, that if you do the work and follow my guidance, then you will be that much closer to reeling in more clients and making the money you desire.

If you were to work with my privately to get this information, it would be thousands of dollars. I’ve created this package for you to get the same information for a fraction of the cost.

I have more questions, Heather!

I'm so excited to be able to connect with you to answer them!  I'm hosting a complimentary Q&A call on Tuesday, September 17 at 10 am PT/11 am MT/12 pm CT/ 1 pm ET.

Phone number:(206) 402-0100

PIN Code: 678010#

To attend via web, visit:

Join us LIVE to get your personalized questions about this program or about launching in general answered.

Can't make it live?  Post your question on the Facebook event pageand I will address them on the call!  

I know you are a 10-gallon person, and I want to empower you get the 10-gallon-ness OUT.  Let's do it - together with the Be A Launch Queen Virtual Program.

To getting your questions answered.


P.S. Because I want you to get these questions answered, I am extending early bird discount until Tuesday Sept 17 at midnight CT.

The one thing you must avoid in a launch

It's Friday!

Back when I was in the corporate world, we followed the rules with our marketing.  It was very safe, structured, and well - to me personally - boring (I was, after all, marketing bio-technology materials!)    

We were required to do things the "right" way and had to go through many levels of approval before telling the world about our products. And that was OK for me at the time.

Because I was marketing behind the "safety" of a corporate brand - it didn't matter if it didn't light me up.  

It was OK to play it safe because it wasn't "me" I was selling.

Fast forward several years and I became a brand new health coach trying to get myself and my business known.  While I considered myself a rather experienced marketer, this time I was marketing "me."

And that was a whole new experience!

I was terrified to get "out there" and share more about myself.

 My marketing attempts felt forced and icky.

I was so worried about "bugging" people that I got stuck and couldn't do anything.

 I was terrified! 

I began to realize that marketing myself as a coach (where i AM my product) was VERY different from corporate marketing.  This entrepreneurial marketing:

Requires us to be visible.

Makes us vulnerable to other's opinions (which may not always be nice ones!)

Scares the crap out of us!

And yet we gotta do it.

We have to find a way to grab the attention of our potential clients.  Without a gateway to talk with them, we are left with a lot of closed doors in our faces or unanswered phone calls.  And that leads to a very unsuccessful business.

I really had no clue how the heck I was gong to get "out there."

So I got support.

 I hired some coaches to help me figure out this "marketing myself" thing.

And I tried implementing some of what they taught me.  And it felt horrible.  

My husband look at my stuff and said, "This isn't you!"  and I had to agree.    

I wasn't marketing in a way that felt authentic.

I wasn't showcasing ME in a relatable way.

I was following the formula, and it didn't work.  That's when a lightbulb went on:

I can take what I am learning and put my own spin on it.

I began to infuse "me" in my marketing.

I followed the structure but did it "my way" and in a way that felt right for me.

And it worked!

 I became more and more comfortable with being visible.  

I began to pull out my old marketing skills and sprinkled the best-of-the-best into what I was doing.

The combination worked.

These days have a launch plan - but it's Heather's launch plan - one that works just for me and feels so right!

I want that for you!

Take a look here to see how your OWN UNIQUE spin on your marketing can be just the ticket:  

And then join me on Tuesday for 

Be a Launch Queen - Take Your Program Online, Reach More Clients and Change the World in your Pajamas with a Launch

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT

Register here to get all the details.

Let's give you enough structure to get going with a launch - and then take the "ick" out - together.

Register here.

To doing it your way,


P.S. This not-to-be-missed training is on Tuesday!  Register here.

Isn't it time to stop coaching your cousin's best friend's sister?

Happy Tuesday!

Whew - it feels like a Monday after the nice long weekend, doesn't it?   This weekend my family and I enjoyed going retro with a trip to the drive in movie theater and seeing The Breakfast Club.

Here's a view looking back from the driver's seat - we opened up the back of the car and even brought beanbags to curl up in!  

So, summer fun aside, now that it's officially back-to-school season you may be ready to get ramped up with your business.

But - panic could be setting in - HOW exactly are you going to take your biz up a notch this fall?  

As your calendar fills with fall activities, maybe adding all those networking events leaves you feeling weary.

Maybe you are wondering - aren't there MORE people who need my coaching besides my neighbor?

You love coaching in person, but secretly you know that there's more people outside of your social circles who need you.

You are ready to find MORE people to serve so that canmake an impact.

It's time to fish in a bigger pond.

How would it feel to have clients find you through your website or social media?

How would your life be easier to coach by phone from the comfort of your own home (and even in your pajamas)?

In my work with awesome women entrepreneurs, I know one thing:

You have something amazing to share

And I get SO frustrated when I see fabulous women like you not succeed with your business because you don't know how to reach more potential clients.

You've invested in intense training and life experiences to get you where you are.

You've done the hard work of establishing yourself as a business owner and creating your own unique services.

You're living your dream by owning your own business.

Isn't it time to mark your stamp on the world?

And sure.  You may be thinking - yes, but I don't want to force it!  I want to market authentically.

And I hear you.  But here's the deal.

A launch gets people's attention.

It's one of the best ways to stake your claim and get more followers.

Through the process of a launch, you begin the conversation with your potential clients.

It's a gateway for creating beautiful, authentic connections for you.

Take a look here to see my dream for you:

And then join me next Tuesday for 

Be a Launch Queen - Take Your Program Online, Reach More Clients and Change the World in your Pajamas with a Launch

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT

Register here to get all the details.

There's people out there just WAITING for you!  Let's go find them - together.

Register here.

To finding clients around the world, even in your pajamas,


P.S. Want to know why it's so important to create a marketing plan that fits YOU and your own unique style?  Take a look at my article in iCoach magazine titled "Create a Marketing Plan That Works For You" here.

Email tips to pack a punch with your launch

One of the most common questions I get around launch components is, "How should I write emails?" I see amazing coaches and entrepreneurs get blocked by the thought of writing to their list.  They think, "I have to get x,y, and z pieces together and I just don't have time or know what to say.  It can get so bad that they even decide not to write anything.

But here's the thing:

Even with social media, email communication is still one of the BEST ways to get your tribe to know, like and trust you and to decide to buy from you!

So, today I'm going to give you easy but effective tips get over that email phobia and set you up for launch success.

These email tips will help you whether you are

  • In pre-launch mode and building up your brand image
  • In between launches and wanting to stay connected to potential clients
  • In launch mode and Inviting people from your list to your teleseminar
  • In launch mode and enticing your tribe to buy (after your teleseminar).

When composing an email, keep these 5 rules in mind:

1.  KISS (Keep It Simple Silly!) 

People scan emails, so make it short and sweet.  Set an intention for the email and keep the content aligned with that intention.

2.  One call-to-action per email

Every email should focus on ONE THING you want your reader to do (i.e. click on a link). Include that action item at least twice per email.

3.  Write short paragraphs and bold certain phrases

Include only 2 - 3 sentences in each paragraph to make it easy to scan and read. Bold key phrases to make it stand out to help get your meaning across.

4.  Include a friendly sign off and your photo

Your photo is one of the best ways to make your email feel personal and for your list to get to know you!

5.  Always include a P.S.

People are much more likely to act on the last thing they see.  Be sure to include the call to action after your signature. Use these tips to get out there and effectively communicate with your tribe so that you can continue to build your thriving business.

To emails that get opened!


P.S. Are you ready to Be a Launch Queen?  Something BIG is in the works that I can't wait to reveal to you in just a few short weeks.    In the meantime, do you have an email question?  Contact me by email and I promise to answer.  :)

Pre-launch success secrets for a powerful first impression

I've got a brand new and upleveled website banner (above)!  What do you think? Why a new one, you ask?  It comes down to 2 words:

First impressions

You see, launching a program or product is a powerful way to make a first impression in the marketplace.  It's the most successful way to stake a claim for who you are, who you serve and how.

Successful launchers use the power of the launch to reach out to people outside of their social circle.  They understand that a great launch is not only one that gets them clients, but one that also builds their list.

In fact one of the best ways to build your list is with launching!  Here's how:

  1. You set the stage for your launch by getting the pieces in place to look good online and to hold an event such as a teleseminar.
  2. You create a buzz outside of your current networking circle to get people exited and draw them in (i.e. get them register with their email) to attend your event.
  3. You host a teleseminar to share more about yourself, reveal helpful tips and to introduce them to your offer.
  4. You enroll new people into your program or to buy your product.

And, not all of the people who attend your teleseminar will buy from you right now.  In fact less than 5% of your list are ready to buy from you right now.

So, for all those newbies who just got on your list with this launch, it's vital to make a good first impression.

This new audience is attracted to you to because they think you may be able to help them.  They hear about you through your launch - which is the same as meeting you at a local networking event.  You want to look spiffy and be on good behavior, right?

Then, once you have these new people on your list, your future marketing efforts (like consistent email) can build a relationship with them so that when they are finally ready to buy, you will be there.

So, getting ready for a launch is like getting ready to SHINE.  And yes, I know words like "shine" and "being visible" that can seem SUPER scary, so today I'm going to share 2 easy ways to prepare for a GREAT first impression so that when you launch - you'll be golden.

1.  Uplevel your headshot

Using a professional photo in your marketing - one that really shows your vibe and your personality - is UBER important in making a good first impression in your launch.

Use this headshot consistently across your online presence, which includes your website and on all social media platforms.  This consistency is key to building up your recognition and your professionalism.

If you have been following me for a while you have been watching me uplevel my headshots like crazy.   I have done this because

  • Each time I have a new photoshoot, it upevels my vibe and boosts my visibility comfort level.
  • I'm always ensuring that my online presence reflects my business growth.

2.  Share more on social media

Social media is key to a successful online business these days.  Whether you're a Twitter fanatic, a Facebook addict, or a Pinterest girl - it's wise to boost your likability and trustworthiness in preparation for your launch.   You can do it 2 ways:

  • Educate your fans/friends/followers on your topic with tips or nuggets of information - without asking for anything in return.  Give them a hint that something cool is coming to peak their interest. Then, when you are ready to make a splash with a launch, people will be listening.
  • Reveal "behind the scenes" in your business. This is a baby step into being more visible.  But here's an incentive:  People LOVE behind the scenes scoop, so tell them about your amazing clients or hint at what you are working on.  It will add to your likability factor make people want to know more about you.

Getting "prepped" for your launch like this will allow you to have a solid and totally professional first impression when you launch.

How can you begin implementing these steps today?  

Want some guidance?  I'm working on these myself (as you can see with the banner) and getting ready for an upcoming reveal that's gonna LIGHT YOU UP to step out with a launch like never before.

Watch what I'm doing to see if anything inspires you and sign up for email updates from me to hear more.

Simply put your name and email in the box to the right and you'll be in the loop.

To getting ready.....


P.S. Have specific questions around how to get prepped with the steps above?  Leave a comment below!

How a launch can move you from brushstrokes to business

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have big dreams for what you want to do with your business.  You quit your J-O-B so that you could live your OWN life, and gosh darn it - you are going to make it amazing! And yet, many of these dreams seem somewhat intangible.  You know you are working towards them, but when you are in the day-to-day they seem very far off and you're really not sure how you are going to get there!

Sound familiar?  A product launch can change all of that.

So many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed with being a one-woman show.  You wear so many hats - tech girl, marketing woman, financial guru, cool coach, and more.  It can get very stressful!

And then, when the "should do" and "need to improve" list grows and grows, you get stuck.  Do any of these sound like you?

You feel afraid that you aren't up to snuff and won't succeed in your business.

You worry that there's too much to do and you don't know what to do or how to do it.

You just want to crawl in bed an pull the covers up over your head.

And then what happens to your dreams?  They get even more intangible.

There's a better way....

A launch can get things in motion.  It starts with brushstrokes  - little snippets of your dreams.

First - a date.  Yes, setting a date for your launch - even before you know what the heck you are doing - is so important, because it sets you in motion.  The molecules begin to rearrange and suddenly your dream becomes a step more tangible.

Second - clarity.  As you dream about how your brilliance is shared in your business, it's perfect in your head.  But the real world may not quite understand it as you do.

The process of a launch helps you get rock solid in your message because you not only are communicating it over and over, but you get the feedback along the way through video views, responses to your emails, social media comments and more.

Third - business.  Let's face it.  You aren't going to get any clients by crawling in bed and pulling the covers up over your head.  Getting business takes action, and a product launch puts you in motion, little by little. It is specifically designed to get those clients to buy - now.

A launch packages up your genius into a beautiful thing, and it presents it to the world in a tangible way.  And that's a beautiful work of art.

Have you heard about running your own teleseminar or trying to launch your newest program but aren't sure what to do or how it all works?

You're in the right place.  I invite you to join me for my complimentary 3-part Master Class titled

Fill Your Programs: Call In the Ka-ching with a Compelling Product Launch
Fill Your Programs: Call In the Ka-ching with a Compelling Product Launch

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