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Most coaches won't tell you about this one crucial piece…

In the world of coaches and solopreneurs, I see a dichotomy.  I'd love to see which of these styles you best relate to: Here's what I mean:

The masculine "follow this plan to the 'T' even if it kills me" marketer:

Pros: You can cross off every item on your launch to-do list, know all your conversion rates and be up on every piece of technology that will help you to market yourself better.

Cons:  You may miss conveying the true heart of your message.  And that can come across in the marketplace as inauthentic or stiff (which leads to a "no").

Feminine "my business has to feel good so I do everything by intuition" marketer:  

Pros:  You use your intuition to guide all of your marketing.  You trust your message and it feels authentic and "right" to you - at least for the moment.

Cons:  Your message may change frequently as your intuition guides you.  And that can come across in the marketplace as confusing or even weak (and a confused mind says "no"). 

The truth is - we need to pull from BOTH our feminine and masculine side when marketing.

We need masculine structures to set us up for success, such as

  • a marketing calendar so we can stay consistent with our message
  • technology know how (for things like how to get an opt in page created)
  • a step-by-step plan for big projects such as a launch so we can market with power and efficacy
  • best-practices for email, web copy and more

But we need to soften all these masculine structures with feminine energy, so that 

  • the soul of our mission gets conveyed
  • we can show our "real" self which helps us to relate to our audience (so they will know, like and trust us)
  • our authenticity shines through
  • we feel in balance with our business

Without bringing both the masculine AND the feminine into our business, we will fail.  

Yet so many coaches out there will show you how to do one method or the other.

They may say, "Here's the EXACT structure - do this and you will SUCCEED!"  (A very masculine approach which rarely works because it fails to include YOU - your message, your soul, your brand.)Or they will say, "Trust your gut and then go do that."  (A feminine approach which usually falls short of truly conveying your message so that the marketplace can understand it and respond to it.)

The Launch Pad - a Get-It-Done Virtual Planning Retreat is designed to help you combine the two.  

We'll get masculine by creating some structure for your marketing for the year.  I'll be giving you timelines, a calendar, and a workbook for you to CLAIM your goals and help you understand, step by step, how you are going to get there.

We'll leave room for the feminine by creating lots coaching time for live questions AND your own get-it-done time.  There is absolutely room for you to fill in this plan with your own unique style - and you SHOULD - because that's where the authentic marketing comes in.

The Launch Pad is a 4-hour virtual retreat and a Get-It-Done Day for you to create a powerful marketing strategy and clear cut plan for 2014 (but in YOUR way!)

January 8, 2014

9am - 1 pm PT/12pm - 4pm ET

"Behind Heather's casual, easy going attitude is a woman with laser-like focus who shows you everything you need to know and do to be well organized and successful with your marketing plan."

Anita Capizzi

Isn't your business worth 4-hours of dreaming + strategy to make 2014 your best year yet?  Sign up now.

To bringing in BOTH the masculine and feminine to your marketing this year,


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Re: That creative download you just had for your business

I'm wondering if you are a coach or solopreneur who sometimes has a bad day? Maybe you're kind of stuck in that overwhelm of not really knowing where your business is going and not really knowing what the next step for you is? I get those too, and what I usually do then is something creative.  It helps me to get out of that zone and to open up new channels in my brain and figure out what's next for me.

My newest creative endeavor is watercoloring with gauche watercolors.  It gives me such joy!

Take a look:

My painting is so simple, but what happens a lot of time when I do something like this is I get a massive download!  I get into that creative mode and then I get this new inspiration - some new thing that I want to do with my business - maybe some clarity that I was searching for.

And for me, I know what to do for that next step, but

what I see with so many entrepreneurs is that they have a massive download and then they don't know what to do with it!

They stay in that creative mode and they don't know how to put the pieces in place to actually make it happen.

So what I do with my private launch clients - whether they are launching or in their marketing or really in their business in general (because it's all tied to marketing!) is I help them break down this big goal into step-by-step manageable, doable, effective pieces.

Then they can look at the big picture - they can envision it - and then they can say, "OK - these are the baby steps that I need to do to move forward to actually get it done."

I love this process because I can feel them exhale.

I can just hear that opening up, that "I can do that" feeling - and it's really rewarding!

This is the stuff i have been doing all my life.  Part of it is innate but part of it is professional skills that I've built up in the corporate world and also in my own business.  I'm that organized snap! snap! snap! girl and I have this gift to help people move forward.

So, if that's something that you would like to do - to get creative and then know what to do with this creative inspiration that you have for your business, then I'd love for you to join me on a complimentary video training series that I'm hosting.

The Launch Pad

3 Simple Steps to Eliminate the Marketing Overwhelm and Create a Get-It-Done Plan for 2014

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To seeing your creativity turn REAL,


P.S.  I know you have a big dream or two for your business that you want to make a reality in 2014.  

Take a look

and let's make it happen - together!