3 Easy Ways To Generate Content

Great marketing these days begins with content.  Lots of it.

But creating all that content can be a never ending job. Blog posts, website content, social media and more.

When you have great content you can

Educate- so that people understand their issue and how to address it with your help.

Inspire - so that people can have a vision of how their life will be better after you help them.

Engage - so that people can trust that you are there for them!

Content can be a powerful lead-in to cash flow in your business.

Content is used to create

Web pages

Social media

Email newsletters


Live talks

Opt in gifts

Autoresponder follow ups


Online launches


When you have content, you have your “meat” (and I’m not even a big meat eater, but remember the Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the meat?”)

Without content you leave people

  • not truly understanding what you do
  • not knowing why they should work with you
  • not feeling your “vibe” a.k.a. your personality

But how the heck to you generate it?  Do you sit down to try to write something - and then think, "What do I say?"

That's why I'm so happy to share 3 Easy Ways to Generate Content:

1.  Take brief notes after each client session

Did you just help a client with a breakthrough?

Is it something you've helped many clients through?

If you see an "aha" in the session and you hear their raves with your help, chances are others will enjoy your genius on that too

To capture my thoughts fro a great client session, I write a brief note on the topic in notepad on my phone.  Then, when it's time to write a blog post, I have inspiration ready!

2.  Put your own spin on a popular how-to topic

You may feel like gagging if you read one more blog post about how good kale is for you or see one more webinar that advertises list building.

You may think, "I could have written that!"  or "Why didn't I think of writing that?"

And you know what?  You can write your own spin on that topic.  

Maybe you have a BETTER recipe for kale or you have an easier way to explain list-building.  It's always a good idea to remember that no one else has your personality and your style (we all tend to forget that sometimes!)

I tell my clients that each coach has her own personality and people will resonate with you because of YOU.

Write from your heart and from your own experience and trust that people will enjoy your own personal and unique spin.

3.  Have a content brainstorm call with a friend

Do you have a fellow coaching friend whom you love to talk with?  Why not set up a "content brainstorm call" once or twice a month?

You can take turns "letting it rip" - talking to the other about your dreams and goals for your business and what you see going on in the marketplace while the other listens and takes notes.  (Be sure to set a time limit so it doesn't take all day!)

Ask the one who is listening to listen for "energy bolts" - things that she can tell really light you up and that you are passionate about.

Having an outside eye reflect those topics back to you can be MAGIC topics for content!  Try it once and see how well it works.

Creating great marketing content that can be used to educate, inspire and engage with your tribe doesn't have to be rocket science.

In fact, I am creating something awesome behind the scenes to help you generate clear and clean content (AND be able to help you follow a simple marketing plan).  Stay tuned!

  Until then, be inspired (and write about it!)


[Coming tomorrow] Polish My Program Summer Sale!

If you're like 99% of women entrepreneurs, you can feel perfectionism kicking in when it comes to marketing… You KNOW that once you begin working with your clients, they get profound results.

But you're not getting enough of them in the door!

Your trickle of clients (or even NO clients) is really crimping your cash flow, and it's making you wonder if you can really "make it" as a coach….

The truth is - you probably have your coaching program PERFECT in your head. You know the exact steps to take them through and the transformation you provide….

The problem is communicating that transformation to your potential clients.

I'm gonna share a secret with you here:

Communicating with your potential clients is another word for marketing.

The word "marketing" scares you to death, but it's a necessary skill, and it CAN be learned.

You're thinking, "How the heck do I market this amazing program that's currently all up in my head?"

You may begin with trying to write out the full program - full module to the word - and you get stuck after just one page (geez that was hard!), so you stop.

But you feel like you just can't market it until you get your full program WRITTEN and COMPLETED.

This stops you so much that you may look at the pre-written programs out there that you can purchase.

They make it look so easy.  Just thinking of the "done-for-you" format of it all makes you breathe easier.

But then you purchase that done-for-you program and it doesn't feel like "you."

You want to spruce it up or add to it to make it uniquely yours, so that you can truly stand out.  

Or you decide that you really want to create your own after all, so that you can truly bring your OWN passion and your OWN expertise to your clients.

But - how to do that exactly?

It's time for a fresh perspective.

It's time to get some private marketing support to flesh out, organize and polish your expertise so that you can finally GET HEARD in this crowded marketplace.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.48.24 PM
Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.48.24 PM

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To your professionally polished program,


A simple shift to change your perception about marketing yourself

Hey guys! I am wondering if you have ever felt like this in your business….(take a look)

Seriously can you feel how icky that is? And yet so many times it's what I hear from my marketing clients - they feel like their marketing is BUGGING people.

And what I want to tell you  is that you are AMAZING. You have a service that is out to change people's lives.

If you can imagine how much you transform your clients - how much you make the world a better place - then why are you hiding under a bushel?

Why not think about it from a place of "I have something amazing to share and it can help you and I want to tell you about it."

Not from this "Oh I'm bugging you" used car salesman way but from a "Hey! I have something amazing and I really want to share it with you."

So my tip for you this week is to think about that the next time you are talking about what you do.

Don't get caught in the "Oh I'm bugging people." Don't get caught being timid.

And believe me - I'm an introvert - this is not easy for me either - I have caught in this before.

But when you can shift into the "I have something amazing that is going to really help you!" then it's so much easier to talk about what you do because you know the impact that you have!

When you communicate from that bugging place it's almost as if you are stealing from the world.

Let's not steal anymore! Let's give! Give from a place of service, Let's just give to the world and see what happens.

So - if you like this video then subscribe to the right for  my free gift because then you will receive updates from me and I've got something super cool coming at the end of this month that's going to help you with your marketing plans. OK?

To your marketing success,



Introducing Step 1: What To Say In My Launch

Happy Thursday! I was talking to a client recently who, when we talked about what to say in her marketing and for her launch, she said, 'Heather, I have no idea what to say!"

We talked about what blocks were in her way, and she said,

  • I feel like I am shouting in my email
  • I'm not 100% sure that I'm tapping in to the needs and wants of my ideal client
  • I say the same thing over and over, and it's sounding like a broken record
  • How do I say what I need to say so it doesn't sound like it's all about me?

And I sent her off to do something creative.  She was a little shocked, as she thought that this would be procrastinating!

I assured her that no - she was actually going to stir up her creative juices and then we would sit down and get clear.

Clear on who her audience is. Clear on what to say.  Clear on how to relate to them on an personal and authentic level.And we did.

We dove deep into the needs, wants and desires of her client and came up with a list CHOCKED FULL of inspirational ideas of her launch and beyond.

She left our intensive feeling empowered and ready to CONNECT with her tribe in a deeper way than she ever had before.

Getting CLEAR on your ideal client is Step 1 in my Get Launched Signature System.  

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 Step 1 is VITAL - and once you have it - your launch, your marketing, your steps towards your end goal are SO MUCH EASIER!  

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I'm on a mission to empower YOU to attract your ideal tribe and I'm breaking it down for you in easy-to-do, digestible steps. This is your very first step!

To your clarity (and your copy)!


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