marketing my coaching program

Sell more of your coaching program with this one simple tweak

Katrina came to our coaching session stuck. She is a personal chef, a personal trainer AND a health coach (amazing combination, isn't it?).

Katrina is super vibrant and conversational - it's easy to see how that energy makes people clamoring to work with her...

Her dilemma was how to take a client from one service to another in order to serve them more fully.

A client came to her for personal training and mentioned that she wanted to know more about Katrina's health coaching services.

But Katrina became tongue-tied and didn't know how to bridge that gap….

She had a FABULOUS health coaching program in her head - she just didn't know how to tell everyone else just how great it was.

She and I sat down via Skype to see what was underneath that "stuck-ness"...

She told me that she had so much info and so many resources to offer -  she just didn't know how to organize them all and package it up to sell.

She was overwhelmed with trying to put the whole package together BEFORE she told anyone about it.

She wanted to have it all perfect - all the details figured out - before she felt like she could sell it.

Sound familiar?  I hear this ALL the time from coaches.

They want to have everything completely DONE and LAID OUT before they present their program to the marketplace.

I told Katrina that she was making it way too complicated.

We scraped things down to the basics and started with her vision and scope for this program.

I didn't allow our session to dive into too much nitty gritty, and as a result we were able to

  • identify the transformational outcomes for the program
  • reveal how her unique brilliance would stand out from the crowd
  • create a detailed outline with module names and a focus for each one
  • unearth the true value of this program (so she could not only SEE how much valuable content she was offering but FEEL worthy of charging what she's worth!)
  • let go of the need to have it completely figured out before she told people about it

Katrina sold 2 coaching programs that very week!

Her clarity - getting her thoughts and her ideas our of her head and into an organized yet enticing way - empowered her to sell her program (even before every detail was complete!)

I showed her how to write just enough of her program to sell - and then how to complete the rest as she is coaching.

She was so relieved - she felt like all the needless mind-chatter around "Is this program good enough?" and "Do I really know enough?" was totally diminished!

She now has the powerful nuts and bolts of the coaching program, and her clients are super excited about it!

She knows that the "fillers" - the final polishing pieces - can be filled in module by module as she coaches.  Pretty powerful and relieving, isn't it?

Here are 5 simple steps for you to begin shifting (and lifting the stress!) of selling your program.

  1. Throw out the idea that your coaching program has to be perfect before you sell it.
  2. Take 15 minutes and brainstorm your vision. How do you want them to be transformed when they complete this program?  The more you can paint a picture of success, the more tangible and believable it will be.  However, also keep it simple and realistic (no promising the moon!)
  3. Identify the scope/time commitment for this program. Knowing the timeframe will help you to not give away everything but the kitchen sink.
  4. Name each "step" or each coaching session.  Include the benefit (why they need to go through each step).
  5. Brainstorm the extras to include, such as handouts, recipes, email support from you, etc.  These will boost the perceived value.

Now step back - look at all that you just created.  Reflect on how awesome it is!

Even if it's a rough draft for the moment, you have a POWERFUL foundation to use to put together the marketing copy for your program.

Want some extra support with polishing your own program with grace and ease?

I had so much fun with my June sale last month that next week I will be offering a brand new sale next week called Polish My Program.  

Participants in this private Skype session with me will not only get my eyes on their program, but they will also get a Program Coaching Template to be able to gracefully entice new clients into their program!

They will walk away with clarity, confidence and a powerfully polished program to sell, sell, sell.

Stay tuned…..

To your amazing program,