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[Free Template] How to avoid the "I need to eat dark chocolate" syndrome...

Do you ever sit down and say, "OK I have to write some content for my business today.  I've got to write a blog post.  I have to do some social media.  ACK!  I've got to Write! Write! Write!"

And you are thinking and nothing is coming up, so you are like "OK!  I'm going to go get some dark chocolate because I need to get inspired and maybe watch this movie on Netflix,"

And pretty soon the day is over and you don't get any marketing done...

It's frustrating, right?  You may be thinking, "ACK!  I'm not gaining any new clients because I'm not marketing myself properly!"

How would it feel to have a really clear template to walk you though?

One where you take your own words and it makes you feel like, "Wow! These are my words but they sound so good!  They sound authentic and true to me"

Take a look:

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