mindset shift

A simple shift to change your perception about marketing yourself

Hey guys! I am wondering if you have ever felt like this in your business….(take a look)

Seriously can you feel how icky that is? And yet so many times it's what I hear from my marketing clients - they feel like their marketing is BUGGING people.

And what I want to tell you  is that you are AMAZING. You have a service that is out to change people's lives.

If you can imagine how much you transform your clients - how much you make the world a better place - then why are you hiding under a bushel?

Why not think about it from a place of "I have something amazing to share and it can help you and I want to tell you about it."

Not from this "Oh I'm bugging you" used car salesman way but from a "Hey! I have something amazing and I really want to share it with you."

So my tip for you this week is to think about that the next time you are talking about what you do.

Don't get caught in the "Oh I'm bugging people." Don't get caught being timid.

And believe me - I'm an introvert - this is not easy for me either - I have caught in this before.

But when you can shift into the "I have something amazing that is going to really help you!" then it's so much easier to talk about what you do because you know the impact that you have!

When you communicate from that bugging place it's almost as if you are stealing from the world.

Let's not steal anymore! Let's give! Give from a place of service, Let's just give to the world and see what happens.

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To your marketing success,