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I fell into the "group program junkie" syndrome - AGAIN!

I have to confess something to you.

Some would call me a group program junkie.

  I have been a master at taking courses to build areas of my business that needed sprucing up - whether it was Facebook Ads, money mindset, online marketing (yes, I always need to learn the newest tools in that too!) and more.

When I would purchase these, I would totally get sucked into the "it will triple your income in 3 simple steps" hype.

Oh how naive I was!

  Here's the thing - so many of those programs I never fully implemented because I felt like I got lost in the crowd.

I knew the replays were there, so I figured I didn't have to catch the live training.

I downloaded all the handouts, but usually didn't take the time to look at them (much less do anything with them!)

Then I got behind, and I was overwhelmed with the idea of catching up!

If I did listen in and try to participate, I got discouraged because I couldn't' figure out how it would apply to MY business.

In most of these courses, there wasn't an easy way for me to ask MY questions (except in front of 100 people?  No thank you!)

When I DID implement (because at my core I'm a get-it-done-girl - and to give myself some credit, I tripled my revenue in 2013), I didn't get the "just do this and it totally works!" results that they promised.

In fact the "just do this and it works" didn't really work at all.  

(It kinda makes me think of the "Nailed It" boards on Pinterest with the elaborate baking creating gone horribly wrong).

I felt kinda sucky because I had just spent more of my hard earned money and LOTS of time with something that didn't really improve my biz.

You'd think I would know enough now to run FAR away from these types of programs, but guess what?  This summer I took yet ANOTHER online group program!

I had a course recommended to me and I knew would have some golden nuggets, so I went for it.

Did you notice I said golden nuggets?

This time I took a totally different approach to an online course, and I want to share 3 keys with you to making it work

(without the overwhelm and frustration so you can actually implement what you've learned) 

Here's what I did differently:

1. I began with my own personal goal for taking the course (and I made it SUPER simple!)

I love to be such a good student that I've always wanted to complete ALL of my homework and please the teacher.

But trying to complete it all during the course timeframe just paralyzed me.

And in this online world, the teacher isn't really paying attention!

This time I began the course having my OWN agenda for what I wanted to take away from it.

I had an intention of learning only 2-5 really GOOD things for my business from this course.  Only a handful and not 100!  How freeing!

By "aiming lower" and not trying to learn it ALL totally helped to keep me motivated because I didn't feel as if I had to learn it and apply it the whole thing overnight.

2.  I gave myself permission to skip parts.

I knew that my style wasn't 100% aligned with the coach who was teaching the course - and I didn't want a cookie cutter approach anyway.

And, some things in the course I had already surpassed (while other times there have been things that I wasn't yet ready for).  And I told myself that that that was OK!  

Knowing that I didn't have to apply (or even listen to) EVERYTHING gave me such freedom!  

3.  I put my golden nuggets into action

Since I only had a handful of these, it was easy to map out how I was going to implement them

I scoped out what I was going to do and gave myself a timeline to it in.

WHEW!  If I had more than a handful this part would have been way too overwhelming!

I celebrated my forward momentum on even the tiniest progress.  It's SO important to give ourselves a pat on the back (and so many of us women totally skip this step, which leaves us frustrated and feeling as if we're not getting anywhere).

I am already seeing the benefits of this course and of my approach to taking and implementing it.  I'm super glad I took it.

My challenge for you is:

Go back to one of your online trainings (you know the ones that you said you would get around to someday?) and actually go through it, but use these three keys as your guide.

August is a FABULOUS time to do this as you get ready to ramp up your fall and finish your business strong in 2014.

Need a listening ear or have a question on how to actually do this?    Contact me and I'm happy to help.

To the group program junkie in you (and how we can put her to good use!)