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The number one reason your online launch didn't work (and it's not what you think)

So - I've come to the realization that I HAVE to say something…...

You all know me as

The Launch Queen


I'm really good at sharing all-things-online-marketing with you.

When I help my clients with launch of a new program online they

  • grow their lists big time
  • establish themselves as the expert in an oh-so powerful way
  • get BONUS opportunities such as being invited to speak or to guest author books
  • get amazing new clients.

It's so flippin' exciting to see their transformation every. single. time.

I love helping them celebrate this newfound vibrational upgrade that a launch helps them achieve.  It's the result of a lot of moving pieces that we have crafted together - and they execute like a queen!

But many times new people come to me who have been burned with online launch in the past.  It didn't work like they had envisioned, and they are M.A.D!

As I hear their frustration, I know that something BIG is missing that shoots people in the foot every time.

Are you ready for it?

They are not connecting enough OFFLINE.

Yep.  You see, successful business owners know that taking a holistic look to your business is crucial.  

Just like me telling you to "eat kale" and then you will instantly be healthy, doing ONLY an online launch is not a guaranteed path to success.

You can write emails up the wazoo and have all the to-do's checked off. But, if you are operating in robot-mode and not truly connecting with your tribe, you will fail.  

A thriving business has 2 tracks:  Online and Offline

We need to straddle both of these tracks as entrepreneurs in order to fully build up our know, like and trust factor.

Here's what I mean:

Have you ever signed up for something because you saw a speaker live and thought, "I like her!"  

Have you ever had a fabulous "let's get to know each other call" (with no strings attached) and then thought, "She's amazing. I need her!"

Have you ever had a great conversation with a colleague at a conference and kept in touch and eventually thought, "She's the right coach for me!"

These offline practices all involve in-person or phone conversations. You know - REAL ones like we used to have before we could text, tweet, or "like."

And these relationship-building techniques are



They help us feel connected. They get us out of the work-behind-our-computer world and into an "I see you" connection. And we as women are CRAVING connection.  

I'm not talking about the read-this-one-more-email connection, but true human connection.

And when we feel connected to a coach or potential partner, we want to do more with them.  

When we have connected in a human way and THEN supplement in an online way, we make more moolah.

If we don't infuse this "real" communication in our business, the marketplace is silent. They don't care. They can't "feel" you and so they don't respond.

And no one wants crickets chirping instead of clients calling!

So my question for you is:  Are you getting too online-heavy in your business?  Have you had a launch that focused only on the online portion?

If so, how can you take a more holistic view of your business in 2014 - one that includes online and offline approaches in a balanced way?

Here's what I mean:

Your online track can include:

  • Email marketing
  • Videos
  • Social media
  • Web copy

Your offline track can include:

  • Traveling to conferences
  • Discovery session calls
  • Local networking events
  • Speaking
  • Calls with potential referral or joint venture partners
  • "Thinking of you calls" to keep in touch

A GREAT launch combines pieces from both of these tracks! Crafting your online strategy is crucial, but picking up the phone or getting in front of people is just as important.  

Before the overwhelm kicks in and you say, "How do I do ALL of that?" here's my tip:

You don't have to do all of these in one launch (or even at all!) Finding the right balance of these is unique for each person.

In fact, one of my strengths is helping people get clear on WHICH of these to focus on right now - whether they want to launch or not. Together with my private clients we sit down, roll up our sleeves, and do a business assessment that helps us get clear on their next steps (that will help them reach their goal).

And you know what?

I have told some of them that they are not ready for an online launch!  

Instead we work together for them to stand out in the marketplace THEIR WAY. We put a strategy in place for them to balance both this online and offline approach, and it's amazing to see them absolutely THRIVE.

Do you wonder if you're getting too online-heavy? If so, how can you tweak that this year?

Questions? Email me and let's connect - you know, in a "real" way!  :)

To your powerful online AND offline business,