The REAL reason you're buying that how-to program

I cringed when a potential client said, "I just enrolled in this new how-to program."

I asked her what made her say yes to it.

"It sounded like something I need to know," she said.

Eesh.  I hear this all the time.

Us entrepreneurs are suckers for that next "thing" to push us to the top, aren't we?

That promise to help us make thousands in a matter of days.  

That "easy" button.

I asked her to dig a little deeper - to see if there was any other reason that she decided to purchase it.

She got quiet.

I don't feel like I know enough yet.


When us entrepreneurs open up shop (and even if we are farther along in our business), we shout to the world what what we do and how we help people.

And it's THEN that the little voice in our head screams, "You're not good enough" over and over.

And because of that crazy voice, we hide.

We pretend we have a business by taking course after course.

We THINK that by learning just one more thing - that we will be enough.

That we will know enough and that the clients will come running.

Here's the honest truth:

You are enough.

You know enough.

You've practiced enough.

You've undercharged enough.

People need you.

When I have clients who feel in a funk about this - about their worthiness and if they can really pull off this entrepreneurial journey, I give them an exercise or an activity to pivot this thinking.

I wanted to share these "shifts" with you so that, when that crazy little voice starts blabbing, you can flip those thoughts around.

1.  Ask one of your clients (past or present), "How have I helped you?"

This isn't the same as asking for a testimonial (more about that in a sec).  This is coming from a place of curiosity where you are truly asking them to help you better understand what you do.

I can guarantee that they will be happy to tell you.  Receiving this positive feedback is awesome in truly knowing your impact.

2.  Read through previous testimonials.

You have probably forgotten some - it's a great way to have a little love fest about all that you've done.

3.  Find a peer and take turns bragging to each other about what an awesome coach you are and why.

One of my coaches once told me - it ain't bragging if it's true!  (and she was right!)

Try it - while it could seem boastful to do, I bet your peer will tell you that it totally doesn't come across that way - at all!

4.  Connect with a small group mastermind.

Having a strong support system is a fabulous way to get a pat on the back when you need it most.

All 4 of my Make Your Mark Mastermind and Mentoring Group members are continuing their journey with me because they know the value of our tight group.  (And I'll be opening up a new group in the fall - stay tuned!)

5.  Get a private coach.

Having someone's eyes on YOU and how you operate your business is so important.

So many how-to programs out there have 100s of people in the course.  That type of format makes it a little too easy to get lost in the crowd or to suffer from comparison-itis.  And that doesn't feel good.

In My Make Your Mark Mastermind my clients get 2 private sessions with me per month (in addition to group and partner time) so that they have a personalized reflection of what's working and what's not.  They have the support to grow and tweak and then get more feedback.

This consistent approach has helped them to step into themselves and to their businesses in a whole new way.

The potential client from above realized that she needed a fresh pair of eyes - not only an accountability partner but a cheerleader - and she signed up as a private client., She is now celebrating making each baby step in her business. It's awesome to witness!

My challenge for you:

Try to try one of the exercises or activities above when that negative Nelly kicks in.  Keep at it - 

Need more clarification or more support around the "I'm not good enough" feeling? Contact me and I'm happy to help.

To knowing that you. are. enough.