How to unpack the stuck-ness in your business

I was in tears as I got on the phone with my coach. 

I was super frustrated with my progress and I couldn't seem to figure out what was going on.

I knew exactly the steps I NEEDED to take.

But something was stopping me.

As my coach guided me, she helped me totally unpack the gunk that was in my way, such as:

  • the doubts that I worthy of doing this
  • the fears that I couldn't get to where I needed to be
  • the negative self talk telling me that I wasn't doing enough

Instead, she helped me see how much I HAD been doing towards my goals.

She helped me clear that top layer of "ick" so I could see the light. 

So I could actually FOCUS on what my gut was telling me to do.

And you know what? I felt a bazillion times better after I got off the phone. 

I was ready to ACT!

And it made me remember (again) the value of a coach.

Coaches don't tell you exactly what to do.

Instead, coaches help you find the answers that are already within you.

And it made me proud that I keep the title of "coach."

But I'm not an ordinary coach....

As a Creative Marketing Director, I get super strategic and consult my clients as I coach them!

They always come to me with a tangible need, such as

  • a solid marketing strategy
  • a tangible, workable marketing calendar
  • innovative content to share with their tribe
  • solid packages created in a way that sell
  • a do-able and clear launch plan
  • copywriting in their voice
  • Facebook ad management
  • and so much more

And they want to start with that.

But often, we can't get to the tangible stuff until we unpack the "ick."

Just like me, they need to unpack those uncomfortable feelings first.

They need to move through that so they can see the light.

And only THEN can they receive guidance into their right next steps.

I do both: Coaching the feelings + consulting on the strategy.

And I love helping my clients in this holistic way!

Do you need to unpack some gunk so that you can get to the good stuff and ACT?

In my 90-minute Polish It Up Intensive, there is time for BOTH.

So that you can leave feeling clear, confident and empowered.

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And Happy December!

I love, love love how my client Laura Jack, Transformational Life Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute is feeling about our work together:

"Heather helps me stay in my genius, and she takes care of the rest. She is heart-centered, organized and the perfect compliment to me. My business has vastly improved because of her support!"