Want to see inside the Be A Launch Queen Program?

Shhhh - come close.  Want a sneak peek inside the Be A Launch Queen Program? I'm so excited to share this resource with you because there's a LOT more where this came from.

Each week the Launch Queens will not only get the step-by-step plan of HOW all the pieces of a launch work - they will also be given handouts and templates on WHAT to say for maximum results.

Yep - these handouts, MP3s of our training calls, and more will be available for this launch, your next launch and beyond!  

I will be sharing the basic building blocks of the launch process - so that you can repeat the steps for each launch (and each time get better and more successful at it!) 

These tools are an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

You in?

Enrollment closes on Monday, September 23 at midnight CT.

I will not be offering this program again for at least six months.  Now is your opportunity to get your launch know-how up to speed.  Enroll here.

To getting the tools you need to succeed,


P.S. Registration closes at midnight CT on Monday Sept 23.  Join us.