What a blue wig taught me...

This past weekend I was in Santa Monica, CA for a retreat with my business coach Christina Morassi and my celebrity sisters.  One of our goals for the weekend was conquering our fears through out-of-the-box experiences. One of those unique and non-business-y experiences was a Kostume Karaoke party (and no alcohol involved, I might add).

I hadn't done karaoke since I was in college and even then I didn't get up on the stage without a hefty amount of beer under my belt.

So, the fact that I was required to be wild and crazy (and not held together like I normally am) while on a business trip was giving me some major butterflies in my belly beforehand!

i decided to play full-out, though.  I wanted to bust this fear down and just do it - and have some fun too!  I bought a blue wig and some sparkly eyelashes.  I thought that was enough of a costume for me - the conservative girl!

But my coach thought otherwise.  She urged me to break free from these good-girl fears even more, and she pulled out a gold sequined dress, a flashy belt, and fishnet stockings for me to wear.  Oy-vey!

So I put them on.  I played full out.  I was committed, and the experience turned out to be FUN!  In fact it was a BLAST!  We sang, we laughed, we busted through....

Another section of the retreat was staking claim to our dreams.  We all have BIG ones, and in order to make those dreams a reality we need to stomp out the things that are holding us back.

Things like not wanting to play full out.

Things like not wanting to be wild and crazy in a blue wig.

Getting through these fears so we can realize our dreams made me think of this quote by Danielle LaPorte, author of The Fire Starter Sessions whom I heard speak recently:

One of my biggest take aways from the weekend is that I am so glad to have my coach to help me step into my dream.  She "has my back" and encourages me to slay those dragons, one at a time.

It's like what I do for my Private Launch Coaching Clients.  Launching is scary, but that’s why I do it privately with you.  I help you conquer YOUR fears - one at a time until we bust through and move forward together.

One of my beautiful clients said this about how I work:

She said I’m like a soft spatula, lifting up the edges of my client's fears oh-so-gently – getting the pancake unstuck and ready to FLIP to deliciousness (with a successful launch).

I loved hearing that, and I think it's very true about my approach!

Are you thinking about a launch?  How about getting some personal support so that you can FLIP with success?

I now have 2 amazing packages, based on your needs:

My Private Launch Coaching package is for those women who

  • Are solid in their program and get clients mostly by referrals in a reactive mode.
  • Are ready to harness their genius and launch with power and clarity.
  • Are overwhelmed by the launch process and unsure of what to do and how to do it.

My 90-Day Get Launched Intensive is for those women who

  • Are unsure what to launch, and need support around crafting a package that sells.
  • Have visibility fears and want to work through them before they launch.
  • Want extra support around systems, such as website, ezines, etc. so they can really POP in their launch.

Talk to me to see which package is the best fit for you.

And if you're not sure, here's something to get you moving:

I’m having a Blue Wig Special until March 31, where, if you enroll in either program you will receive an additional 1 hour "Bust Your Visibility Issues" coaching session to ensure that your launch will stand out in the marketplace and be a smashing success!

To busting through your fears (and blue wigs!),


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