What do you get when you cross a corporate girl with a health coach?

I've been getting some puzzled looks and questions this week after my last post (about how I felt like my health coaching practice was missing an arm). Questions like:

"Are you still a health coach?"  YES.

"Are you expanding to something new?"  YES.

"It sounds like you're getting into business coaching.  Is that right?"  YES.

I like to think of it as a friendly riddle:

What do get when you cross a corporate girl with a health coach:  A business-minded health coach or a healthy business coach?

Both are right - both are me.

The get-it-done-style that I bring to my health coaching clients is coming in handy for my new business coaching clients.  I work carefully with each woman to get out of being "stuck" (wherever that is - their health or their business) and to take the NEXT baby step - because that's the one that really matters.

When they've made that step, we then talk about the NEXT step after that.  We make continual progress through a bunch of little baby steps.

And you know what?  Before long their baby steps make up one giant step and they've accomplished their goal!!!

When I reflect back to them just how far they've come. they cannot believe it.  I've empowered them and inspired them so they had fun and felt propelled and excited every step of the way.

It's very cool to see.

So - call me a healthy business coach or a business-minded health coach - I am still Heather.  And I still am a darn good coach.  :)

I AM moving towards more of a business focus - and I've got an amazing online entrepreneurial event lined up for December that I am absolutely over the moon with excitement.  But - again, I am still here for ya.

I'm still all of me, and this "all-of-me" coach feels rockin.'

Can't wait to hear more?  Contact me for more details on how I can support you with your own private marketing strategy.  I've only got 3 spots left an my 2012 price!  (and they're gonna go quickly).

To all-of-me supporting you,


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Skinny Jeans Casual small