What you'll leave The Launch Pad Virtual Retreat with...

Happy Holidays!

I hope you've been taking some time to completely enjoy your holidays.  I certainly have, and it's been so rejuvenating!

I have to brag on my favorite gift.  It's a homemade origami rose in an origami box made by my very talented 14 year old:

Isn't it gorgeous?  I know it took him several tries and hours of paper folding.  I'm sooooooo proud of him.

As the year comes to a close, I've been reflecting on my business successes in 2013, and I have to brag on me a little too:

When I put together all my celebrations, I was floored!

It's been just a year since I've transitioned my business from health coaching only to bringing all of my gifts together:

Corporate Marketer + Get-It-Done-Girl + Health Coach + Mompreneur = Launch Success Coach

2013 was my year to step into my power BIG TIME and as a result, I've

  • tripled my income
  • quadrupled my list
  • spoken on worldwide platforms
  • led a successful online group course
  • filled my private coaching with stellar women

Ahhh - It feels SO GOOD to celebrate these successes, and I encourage you to look at your business and do the same.

Do you know the one underlying current that TRULY helped me to grow in this way?

My Get-It-Done-Style

This is my snap!snap!snap! dedication with a get-down-to-business-plan.  I've done this all my life without even realizing that it was a "system!"

But as I've taken my private clients through this approach, I've polished it and turned it into a signature system and have been amazed at how powerfully it helps them get results!

By providing this path - this structure - they can map out the to-do's so that they can bring their BIG DREAMS AND GOALS to the marketplace and fill their programs.

This approach is the EXACT one that that I'm going to take you through in

The Launch Pad is a 4-hour virtual retreat and a Get-It-Done Day for you to create a powerful marketing strategy and clear cut plan for 2014.

January 8, 2014 9am - 1 pm PT/12pm - 4pm ET


How would it feel to start off your 2014 with:

  • A clear cut plan on how to fill one current signature program (yep - one that you already love but are dying to get more clients into).
  • The structure for how to bring that one NEW program you've been dying to life (and some accountability to make it happen).
  • Your own 2014 marketing roadmap (because businesses who have this grow 60% faster!)
  • Clarity and confidence on how you are going to grow and expand your business this year - so you can get rid of the overwhelm and just do it already.

This virtual planning retreat will give you the tools to implement.

This isn't going to be an information product that you will listen to, get overwhelmed, and never look at again.

We're going to spend this virtual retreat getting your path for growth in place - together (yep - your business can't grow without good marketing!)

Because we're going to be in real-time via webinar, I'm going to be supporting you every step of the way so that you walk away with your 2014 vision and marketing goals mapped out and done.

Yes, Heather!  I'm ready to dive in!

This retreat is going to give you the kick-in-the-pants that you know you've secretly been needing.

Get ready to Map-It-Out and Get-It-Done on January 8 and then LEAP into 2014 with power and clarity.

Wait, Heather!  I still have questions.

For you, my valuable readers, I am hosting a complimentary Q&A webinar this Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Simply head here to create a complimentary Spreecast account.
  2. And then head here on Jan 2 to join in!

To 2014 being YOUR marketing mogul year, Heather

P.S. This retreat is next week!  Take a look at all the details here and take your first powerful action for 2014 by joining in.