Why I HAD to buy this (and what it has to do with launching!)

Yeehaw!  My launch for theBe A Launch Queen program has come to a beautiful close and the group is already in week 2 and rockin' and rollin! I'm telling you - these women are POWERHOUSES and are going to be sharing ah-may-zing things with the world in their launches.  I am so proud to have each and every one of them in the group.

So, in my own post-launch time I got to thinking about what many women entrepreneurs feel in post-launch mode:

After marketing themselves like crazy for a month they may be excited with some of the outcomes.  But - all too often I hear of them collapsing into exhaustion and a sense of defeat.

Yep - even if they got some amazing clients.  Even if they KILLED it, they still don't feel like they did enough or did it "like they were supposed to." 

So I think it's time to declare:

Let's FLIP those feelings and celebrate!

After every launch I do two things to cement my successes:

1.  I buy something for myself to honor the big accomplishment I've just made (and to open myself up to receiving new clients).

I saw this purse recently and it was so ON BRAND for me and just so perfect that I snatched it up:

It's even vegan "leather!"  (I'm not a vegan activist but when I do find animal alternatives it makes me happy.)

2.  I treat my hubby and/or my family to a fun experience to show them my appreciation of their support.

Next weekend my family and I will be heading to a night-out getaway at a hotel with an indoor water park!  My family LOVES these treats!

Yep - these celebrations are soooooo important, both for me as the launcher and for those around me!

When I de-brief with my clients post-launch, I want to emphasize to them just how far they've come.  Here are some accomplishments that they have most likely made:

New clients - which means income, the amazing potential for their transformation, and more.....

A bigger email list - the people who enrolled to hear your teleseminar may not have been ready to buy NOW, but they could be ready to buy in the future.

A signature talk - your tele seminar recording can be reused for free gifts to other audiences, and the content of your teleseminar can be repurposed for a live talk or radio interview.

A tangible product or program brochure or sales page -  clarity is QUEEN and having your product clearly written out will boost your brand and make it easy to present it to future clients.

Increased social media exposure - my clients always get more followers and more friends and more name recognition on social media after a launch.

A video presence - many times a launch is a good excuse to bust onto video.  And, having those videos "out there" is yet another way to increase your reach and establish yourself as the expert.

Celebrity status - my clients boast of "feeling like a celebrity" because their followers approach them in person and already knowing what they are up to.  (And the followers are very impressed!)

Confidence - there's nothing like a launch for a "vibrational upgrade" to your business self-esteem.  My clients feel more strongly and more passionate than ever about what they do and are ready to do it even bigger and even better in the next launch.  It's so inspiring!

Once my clients see all of these areas where they have stepped up to SHINE in a launch, they are relieved, overjoyed, and ready to celebrate all that they have done!

So - I'd like to ask you - where in your business can you CELEBRATE your accomplishments?  See if you can list at least 5 that you've made in the past month - and then give yourself a pat on the back and honor all that you have done.

To your amazing celebrations,


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