Your techie questions answered...

I hear it all the time:  "I'm not a technical person, Heather, so how can I figure out this online marketing thing?"

I hear you.  I'm not a technical person either!

There were so many days in the corporate marketing world where I felt "sub-par" with those pesky techie pieces...

I didn't know enough Photoshop to create (or even edit) any graphics and my HTML knowledge to tweak an email newsletter was pretty puny.

But I found a way to Get.It.Done.

Whether I struck a bargain with the graphics designer or I went home and learned enough HTML on my own to make it look great - I always pulled through.

Once I started my own business I knew there was always a way do effectively communicate my message….and one that didn't make me feel sub-par with my lack of technical skills!

I didn't want to hire a support team early on in my business, so I took the time to 

  • find the easiest but most effective methods for me to broadcast myself
  • continually be on the look out for anything easier
  • introduce my clients to them so that they too could Get.It.Done

Now - I am THRILLED to be able to share some of that knowledge with you in my upcoming free webinar.

Create Your Magnetic Marketing Road Map - Simply, Cleanly. Clearly and Profitably (so you can get back to what you really love)

Tuesday, April 15 at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET

Join in here.

On this webinar I'll share with you my "basic launch toolkit" - which is the BEST and EASIEST way to spread your message online - and get this:  

There are only 3 things you really need and they are ALL ones you can easily do yourself.

Yep - I've found that magic wand where you don't have to spend a boatload with a support team or turn into a stress ball trying to figure it out on your own.

Communicating your message in a powerful way doesn't have to be rocket science.

Join me to learn these key techie pieces to create YOUR marketing road map - Simply. Cleanly. Clearly and Profitably.

To Getting.It.Done - 


P.S. You'll want to make the webinar LIVE as I'll be announcing a super cool contest, so don't miss out!  Join me here.