A visionary, a planner and a technician walk into a (juice) bar….

A visionary, a planner and a technician walk into a (juice) bar….


They’re the best of friends. And they are realizing more and more why they need each other.

Here’s their story…

The visionary is a dreamer.

She’s creative and powerful and has a huge heart that is bursting with a million different things she wants to create.

Her mind is positively overflowing with ideas, dreams and aspirations.

She hops from one idea to the next – each one equally as brilliant.

But she needs someone to hold her ideas and dreams.

She wants share to someone who can help her make sense of it all.

So she calls the planner.

The planner is whip smart and strategic.

She’s creative but linear.

She has the ability to see down the road and to know how all the pieces are going to fit together.

She can harness a dream and turn it into a plan of action.

She can mold and shape it into something tangible.

But she needs someone who can do all the fine-tuning and legwork. 

So she calls the technician.

The technician can take the plan and execute it. 

She’s the the to-do list checker-off-er and the fine-tooth comb-er.

She’s the one who can solve those million teeny tech issues (and remember HOW to put them all together every time.)

She’s the shoulder tapper – to remind everyone of the tiny details.

But she needs someone to give her the dream and direction.

So she calls the visionary….

Together these three make one helluva team.

Each woman knows her strength.

Each woman feels free to do what lights her up the most.

Each woman knows that when she is in her zone of genius – she SHINES.

And each woman knows the value the other two play in her life.

They aren’t afraid to lean on each other.

They know that together they are stronger.

And what they create TOGETHER? It’s breathtaking.

So my question for you is – which one of these friends feels most like YOU?

Are you a visionary who has amazing dreams?

Are you a planner who can see the big picture and map it out?

Or are you a technician who can execute like nobody’s business?

Maybe you see a piece of yourself in all three.

For me, I am a super creative visionary who needs to exercise my creativity everyday – whether in my adult coloring book or creating my new website (coming soon! Details below!)

And I am also the strategic planner who has the get-it-done-knack to put those dreams into action. I can break down the pieces in order to shine the light on HOW to make the vision a reality.

And I’m somewhat of a techie too. I’ve always been a get-it-done girl with knowing how to tweak that HMTL to get it to look just right or making lists of the endless things that I do everyday.

But my passion – my strength and my secret weapon – is in the planning. In helping visionaries bring their dreams to life.

In the big picture.

In the “mapping out.”

In the sprucing and tweaking until it feels right.

So my bigger question for you is – which one of these lights you up the most?

And, equally as important – where can you get support with the other areas?

Your challenge for this week is to find your supporting roles – they may be friends, colleagues, spouses, coaches, assistants and more.

Talk to them.

Rely on them.

Know where you are strongest and then ask for help with the rest.

That’s when you can truly SHINE.

Sending you strength and the power to OWN your zone of genius (and for getting help with the rest).



P.S. I’ve got my photos back from my photoshoot. YAY!  I am so excited to be putting in these photos and the final pieces onto my new website – to be launched in March!

I can’t wait to share more in the website reveal about how I am supporting amazing visionaries as their Creative Marketing Director.

Stay tuned, but in the meantime, need to talk? Comment below and tell me where your strength lies (visionary, planner or technician) and where you are getting support in the other areas of your biz. I always love to hear from you!

The cure for the control freak in your business

I admit it.

I’m a control freak.

I like to have things “just so.”

I want to know how things are going to turn out.

It makes me nervous when I am creating something new or walking into unchartered territory and I don’t know what’s going to happen.

My inner control freak reared her head BIG TIME during my recent rebrand and photoshoot last week!

I NEEDED my clothes to be the perfect color to bring out my skin tone, the right fit to make me look 10 pounds thinner and the right vibe to make me look polished and professional.

I NEEDED to know if the location would be relaxed upscale versus hipster or trendy.

I NEEDED to get my grey roots highlighted at just the right time so I wouldn’t look too haggard or, God forbid, OLD.


You know what I’m talking about?

That panic mode we get into when we feel as if what we are doing isn’t enough?

As if it won’t be enough?

That we won’t be liked/loved/appreciated just as we are?

Yep – I know you’ve had some of that too.

I was spinning in so many “how to’s” and “what if’s.”

So I talked to my gal pals, my family, and my tribe of amazing support.

And you know what?

They calmed me down.

They reflected back to me my good qualities.

They assured me that I had this.

They gave me input – but in the most productive and professional way possible.

And that made me feel a bazillion times better.

I needed that outside perspective that it was going to be OK.

And then – it hit me.

I was freaking out in EXACTLY the same way my clients do!

They have a vision for their creation, but they get nervous as is gets closer to coming to life.

They know their mission and purpose, but they clam up on how to talk about it in the right way at the right time.

And they don’t know it, but they need some validation that what they are doing is OK and some gentle guidance to make it amazing.

And then it hit me again.

There’s a GOOD side of being a control freak – it’s call being a MAXIMIZER.

I’ve always been one.

A maximizer takes something good and turns it into something GREAT.

A maximizer thrives on making it more beautiful, doing it more efficiently, crafting it even BETTER.

And my zone of genius is helping my clients maximize THEIR efforts, THEIR genius, THEIR dreams.

I take their already brilliant words and make them better.

I listen to their already amazing ideas for new offerings and help them polish them up.

I guide their powerful goals into a strategic plan to make it happen.

And I absolutely adore it.

You see they are maximizers too. They are empowered, strong and simply amazing women who just want their brilliance to shine even BRIGHTER.

And I love supporting them to do just that.

Because they already “have it.” They just need some perspective to see it.

So – for my fellow control freaks (a.k.a maximizers) out there – here’s your challenge:

Ask a friend/coach/colleague.

Seek guidance.

Trust the process.

Because chances are, what you are doing is ALREADY amazing. It’s ALREADY fabulous.

You just need a little perspective to help you appreciate that.

And as a lesson in appreciation and TRUSTING, here’s a selfie from my photoshoot day.

While I haven’t yet seen the photos, I know they are going to be just right.

Stay tuned for more on my new brand, my new website and  my new photos!

I can’t WAIT to share it all with you.


P.S. I always love to hear with you. Comment below and tell me – what is one area where want to STOP being a control freak? What would you need to hear to know that it was all going to be OK?

Why we all need a little help from our friends

My 14-year old daughter chose The Beatles to play on the drive to school today.

She’s been on a Beatles kick lately, and when I asked her about it, she said, “They’re FUN, Mom!”

I have to agree.

And who doesn’t want some FUN on a Friday morning?

When “With A Little Help From My Friends” came on, I couldn’t help but belt it out with her.

That song sums up my entrepreneurial journey PERFECTLY right now.

Because I’ve been stuck…

Yes! Me!

The Get-It-Done Girl
The Marketing Mentor
The Grounded Copyrighter
The Launch Queen

was completely DUMFOUNDED with my own marketing.

I lost my words.

I found myself dreading writing!

I just couldn’t make myself do it.

And because I am GOOD at marketing, I thought I needed to do it all on my own.

As I branched into Online Marketing Management for women who need a marketer on their team, I was getting clients by referral left and right – which made it even easier to be “lazy” with my own marketing.

But I KNEW that inner powerhouse was in there.

So I sat quietly to gain clarity on my new path.

I dreamt of my next level of evolution in my business.

And it came to me.

I couldn’t do it alone.

I KNEW that me – ESPECIALLY ME – who writes and is a creative muse for so many others –  needed help with my OWN creativity.

I needed help with finding my OWN voice again!

So I joined Gina Gomez’s Ms.Termind Mastermind to gain some inspiration, accountability and connect with a tribe of rockstar women.

And I set a goal for myself to re-brand and craft a new amazing website for myself.

I wanted step into a new title and role – one that encompasses ALL of me – in a MUCH more powerful way than before.

And that’s when I found Amber Lilyestrom, a soul-based branding and biz coach, and I instantly KNEW she was the one to help me create that new online home.

Almost instantly after I sought these 2 types of support I felt up-leveled.

I felt more in my genius.

I felt lighter.

Because I knew that I didn’t have to do it all alone.

Because my peeps were there to support me, guide me, and cheer me on….

Because I had professionals who would hold my business for me as tightly as I hold my clients’ businesses.

and ah.ma.zing things are coming as a result!

I’m claiming that…

I’m not JUST a marketer.

I’m not JUST a coach.

I’m DEFINITELY not an Online Business Manager.

I’m so much more.

In this new evolution I’m bringing in MORE of

my HOLISTIC APPROACH to biz + life

to the table – big time.

I mean, just take a look at my new gorgeous logo!

Isn’t is awesome? I’m so in love with it.

And more goodness is coming.

I can’t WAIT to share it with you.

And I want to share this with you so that you too can know that “A Little Help From My Friends” is a GOOD thing.

You don’t have to wear the Jane-of-trades hat in your business.

You owe it to yourself and your dreams to get SUPPORT.

So that you can BE in your zone of genius.

So that you can ACHIEVE what it is you want to do.

So that you can LIVE your dream (and not pull your hair out in the process!)

To stepping into YOUR zone of genius as you ask for help in the areas that aren’t.



P.S. I’m getting even MORE help with my visual brand next week as I have my first photoshoot in over 3 years with Jessica Scott. Stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes shots!

Where's your life raft?

It's 54 degrees here in Austin this morning, which it super chilly for us Texans! I just got back from a brisk walk in my local park. Walking on a cool fall day like this grounds me.

It allows me to clear my head.

To dream.

To brainstorm.

To nurture myself just a little.

To find a moment of calm in the storm of life.

Ya know?

Because life gets nutty.

For me, when I think of all the responsibilities I have on my plate it makes me want to curl up and go back to bed sometimes, like....

  • Lovingly caring for my mother who recently had a stroke through visits and calls and Amazon care packages.
  • Single parenting 2 active teenagers who need rides EVERYWHERE!
  • Getting repairs on my 10-year old car that seems to flash those warning lights at me often.
  • Finding time to take those clothes to the dry cleaners, pick up some cat litter and oh, sleep!


And I know I'm not alone in this swirl.

Us women are nurturers. Caregivers. Multi-taskers.

We are the core of our families - and because we have so much love to give and because we want everything to be perfect, we find it so darn hard to say no!

But then we get caught up in the frenzy of it all....

So - our challenge (daily!) is to find our calm. 


Our rock.

Our life raft.

The people, the things and the experiences that can bring us back to center.

Because when we have that calm again - we can laugh, we can grow, we can love, we can be.

When we find the things that center us -the support systems and the things that bring us joy - we can be that powerhouse, that force to be reckoned with, that trail blazer that we are.

So I'm curious - who/what are your life rafts?

Your rocks?

Your go-to's that help you fill up your cup so that you can then go DO and BE all that you are?

For me, here's just a few:

  • A bear hug from my 6'8" boyfriend (yes, really!)
  • Belly laughing with my kids as we binge watch The Office
  • My second cup of tea in the morning as I journal in a quiet house
  • A good call with a gal pal
  • Word puzzles
  • Watching anything Oprah

And this grounding and centering doesn't just apply to our personal life, you know.

As entrepreneurs, we need to find our "biz center"so that we can more fully lead.

More fully grow.

More truly step into the amazing business owner that we are.

So that we can tackle that never ending email inbox.

So that we can be fully present for our clients as we serve them at our highest level.

So that we can strategize, plan and grow to the next level.

So that we don't have to feel as if we're doing it all alone.

Your challenge for today?

Go find your life raft.

Get your rock.

For life or for biz - or both (we soooooo need both, don't we?)

Because your cup needs to be filled too.

I was inspired to write this because I got these notes from clients recently:

"Heather, you're the buoy, the life raft, the structure that allows me to think bigger because I don't have to do it all alone."

"Heather, you're my business rock!"

"Heather you are my 'ohm.'"

Want to know more about how I'm helping to be the buoy, the business rock, and the ohm?

Take a look at how I'm stepping into ALL of my skills and talents as a Coach + Online Marketing Manager here.

To getting grounded so you can serve at your highest potential,