You are a creative visionary on a mission.

You LOVE your biz.

You ADORE being an entrepreneur.

And you’ve crossed a BUNCH of hurdles to get to a certain level of success in your business that is feeling really good!

But right this second, you are so frazzled
you can hardly see straight.


If you’re like me, you’re passionate about living a holistic lifestyle - one where you can actually cook a decent meal and get 8 hours of sleep and have time to giggle with your kids.

But your success isn’t bringing you those things!

You probably have SOME support.

You may have an awesome Virtual Assistant and a talented Web Designer and a bookkeeper.

But what about someone who can get the big picture and guide you?

Someone who truly GETS your business and your brand and YOU.

  • A Wing Woman to hold your business as tightly and as dearly as you do yourself.
  • A Chief of Staff who can take that next launch or that website build or that new opt in and be able to help you PLAN and EXECUTE it with ease.
  • A Creative Muse to leverage those brilliant ideas into tangible, powerful, marketing efforts.
  • A Life Raft to help you not feel like you are doing this all alone.
  • A Business Architect to not only be the glue in your business, but the hammer and the nails and be there to remind you of where you are going and how you are going to get there.
  • A Coach who loves you and “gets” this crazy online arena that we work in.

“Heather is the safe structure that allows me to stay in my zone of genius and actually do the inspirational healing work
I'm here to do.”

"Before working with Heather, I felt like I was doing it all alone. I had so much to give and offer to my clients, but I just didn't know HOW to do it. Nothing flowed. I would start and stop things.  It felt like I was sitting on so much inspiration that I was ready to share with the world, but I just didn't have a way to harness it all.  As an entrepreneur, I'm incredibly organized and pro-active but there was something that was missing. I couldn’t seem to hold it all myself.  


My list has doubled. My community has thrived. My income has skyrocketed and my creativity has SOARED.

Why? Because Heather is the safe structure that allows me to stay in my zone of genius and actually do the inspirational healing work I'm here to do. Because I trust her so wholeheartedly with my business, I am able to step away and take off all the hats I'd been wearing for so many years.  

I didn't realize that I was actually playing business until Heather joined my team.  

Heather has become my partner, my intuitive side-kick, my idea generator, my go-to right hand woman.  She has her arms wrapped around everything I do and I FEEL LIKE I CAN FINALLY STEP IN TO BEING THE CEO OF MY BUSINESS!"

Julie Santiago, Transformational Life Coach

As your Creative Marketing Director,
I help you step into your power in any (or all!)
of  these ways:

Marketing Strategy

  • Create and manage your editorial calendar, which can include the overall marketing plan and specific content creation (so that you can feel confident with a clear focus and plan).

  • Curating innovative content and implementation (I’ll leverage what you've got and/or create MORE from interviewing you and then run with it).

  • New website content creation – I’ll take your vision - the one that truly lights you up - and help you craft your new website copy to reflect that.

Business Coach

  • Hold space for you and for your vision and creative ideas as we bring them to life.

  • Be the right accountability partner to keep your momentum going.

  • Coach you through mindset blocks so you don’t have to feel stuck anymore.

  • Help you find the right business and marketing strategy for you.

Creative Muse

  • Help you get into the creative process for building packages and programs that feel aligned and exciting to you.

  • Be a sounding board for the flow and delivery of everything that you give to your tribe.


  • Copy-editing - more than copywriting - I can write as little or as much as you need and yet allow you to polish to YOUR voice, YOUR satisfaction level (or not - either way but we would work to find that right balance) for rich, powerful newsletters, blogs, social media, webinars, guest interview outlines, video scripts, Facebook ads and more.


  • Create launch plans, assign roles to launch tasks and manage the project from start to finish to ensure success for both you and the harmony of the team.

  • Measure and optimize the launch for maximum success.

Evergreen Marketing

  • Brainstorm, create and manage evergreen launches and sales efforts to sustain your brand and to keep your pipeline full (so you don’t have to have the stress of live launches all the time!).

  • Systematizing ongoing marketing and sales efforts.

  • Support you in automating your marketing processes and standardizing your efforts so that you can have less hiccups and more ease with the whole marketing process. This could include automated drip campaigns, strategic sales follow up, and more.

Visibility Efforts

  • Be your right-hand-woman to support you in brainstorming/finding/scheduling

Guest blog posts
Social media participation (to your comfort level)
Growing affiliate opportunities/referral partners (either for you biz or for you to promote others)

Project Manager

  • Serve as the conductor – your wing woman – to communicate with your other team members to ensure you can focus only on the CEO level activities yet keep the ship running.

  • Be adaptable to the company needs as the company evolves and expands.

  • Meet your deadlines and contribute to the success of your company’s goals.

  • Work with you on the big picture knowing that if Plan A fails we will work out Plan B and Plan C without a hiccup.

Here's how I best work

  • To have your trust as your coach and mentor and help you create the business of your dreams.

  • To know your big picture and then be able to work with you as a true partner so that I can best support you in your CEO role.

  • To create structure for you yet also be adaptable to your needs and to the changing needs of your business.

  • To be a consistent, respected, valued team member with an agreed amount of time and effort being dedicated to you and your biz every month.

  • Above all - be inspired by you and bring my talent to support YOU and your amazing business.

“I have more ease and freedom to show up as the leader of my business."

"What I love about working with Heather is not only does she help me plan ahead and stay organized regarding my marketing and launches by working together to execute all of the marketing steps that are so critical for a multi-6 figure business, but she is a true team member and marketing expert who offers so much advice, guidance, and strategy to support and ground me along the way.

She takes her expertise as a talented marketing professional and business coach and combines it with her creativity, organization, poise and grace, to creatively direct my marketing efforts and lift off of my plate the tasks, tension, and trepidation that holds me back so that I have more ease and freedom to show up as the leader of my business.

I am so, so grateful to work with Heather - I just adore her as a person and I highly respect her professional skills and talent. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'D DO WITHOUT HER!"

Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach™ & Attorney for Entrepreneurs


Because I put a lot of love, loads of experience and a heck of a lot of effort into partnering with my clients as their Creative Marketing Director, I need to ensure we’re a fit.

I take on a select number of Creative Marketing Director clients on a retainer basis so that I can give each client the attention they deserve.

If you’d like to explore how I can help you
step into your CEO role, let’s talk! 

"Heather helps me stay in my genius, and she takes care of the rest."

"Working with Heather has been an incredible experience. I am so grateful for her. Being a solopreneur can be challenging and lonely, but ever since we started working together I have felt like I have a team mate.

Heather is the perfect compliment to me, and my business has vastly improved because of her support. If you are ready to take your business to the next level with a heart-centered, organized woman who can wear many hats, Heather is your best bet! "

Laura Jack, Transformational Life Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute

"Investing in Heather is an investment in my energy."

Jenny Remington.png

“I value that WAY more than the investment of time or money.

Sometimes, she takes stuff herself on and makes it so easy for me...

Sometimes she helps me look at the idea with a new lens and reframe

And sometimes she helps me see that I’m further along than I think.”

Jenny Remington, Certified Life Coach + Happiness Mentor

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