I believe we need an army of supporters – not only coaches but peers
– to help us hold this highest version of ourselves.

That’s why I’ve created a
program for 4-6 amazing women:



It’s time to stop spinning your wheels.
Get the right foundational pieces in place for you and make money now.

Imagine a 6-month journey where you can turn from questioning everything (and feeling like a fraud) to confidently and powerfully making the successful business decisions.

In this program you’ll gain a deeper clarity and focus for your marketing, your sales, and your programs- in a way that potential clients will FEEL
(and want to work with you!)

It’s time to turn those hiccups of income into a steady, sustainable, leveraged and rock-solid business – no more messing around with programs, products and time that aren’t serving you!


"Heather has me re-energized about the future of my coaching business! 
While I have a history of making things harder than they need to be (resulting in procrastination), Heather has been able to show me how to make it all feel easy. I’m amazed at how much real work gets done during our 1:1 Skype sessions – I come away with actual copy that I just have to expand and – voila – a huge task gets checked off the list! Add to that the energy and support of the group, and you have the full package."  Ann Richeda, Eating Psychology Coach

I’m guessing that you could be thinking…..

I’ve been burned by other coaching programs before. I felt like the coach didn’t see “me” and my needs.

How do I know this one is different?

I’ve been told that I have an amazing gift to empower my clients to feel held, supported
and encouraged during our time together. I want that for you!

How do I know I will connect well with the other women in the group?

I hear you – what if you just don’t “jive” with someone in the group? I’m a pretty firm gatekeeper as this program is by invitation only for those who apply and for whom I feel would be the best fit for the group. While I can’t predict how all personalities will work together, I do my best to create an integral, harmonious, powerful group.

Is this a high end mentorship program, Heather?

Yes and no.  

If you’re talking about a huge transformation with a dedicated coach to guide and serve you as you deepen into who you are as a business owner – then yes!

If you’re talking about the super high end price tag that leaves you with debt and frustration, then no.

Here’s all the juicy stuff the program includes:

  • 2 x 45 minute private coaching calls per month with Heather to get fresh eyes and strategic focus on your action items (my previous masterminders said this was the one thing they couldn’t get enough of!)
  • 1 group laser coaching mastermind session per month so we can utilize the power of the group mind to propel you even further (you’ll be amazed at how powerfully the group lifts each other up!)
  • 1 partner call per month to get accountability and support and connection from your fellow Make A Mark Girls (this is a powerful way to stay accountable AND to connect more deeply within the group)
  • 1 "Send Heather Your Copy" week per month for you to send me anything for some marketing and copy-editing magic!
  • And you’ll get these bonuses:
    • 6 Create Your Dream Business workbooks to guide you (notice I didn’t say dictate you?) into the next level of your business.  Trust me – these are not like your normal cookie cutter how-to templates!
    • Unlimited access to Heather via our private Facebook group (so you’ll never have to get stuck on that teeny question between calls)

"I’m feeling confident and clear on what my message is and who I’m reaching! 

I’m actually enjoying my marketing now! Heather, what did you do to me?? This is so much better than dreading and hating it! I feel really good about writing copy for my new website and am actually excited about how it’s going to go, rather than feeling nervous and scared." 
- Jocelyn Brown, Natural Health Educator and Holistic Health Coach

"From the moment I started working with Heather, everything fell into place in my business!  

Before Make Your Mark Mastermind, I was in panic mode – needing to get clients so I could pay my bills and go to the grocery store.  I was like a disorganized toolbox where the tools were there – I could never find the right tool when I needed it.Now I have lots of clients – nearly TOO many – and I don’t feel afraid anymore.  I am so much more confident in my work."  
- Bethany Perry, Speaker. Brain Health Life Coach. 

This program is currently closed.
However, I am always taking applications for future rounds.

This is a chance to truly get the ball rolling like never before.

Click here to begin the application process.

Once you apply I will be in touch with you to have a phone interview.  

I look forward to seeing if we’re a match!

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