It’s time to get some private marketing support to
flesh out, organize and polish your expertise so that you can finally
GET HEARD in this crowded online marketplace.


 The Polish It Up VIP Intensive

It's the perfect way to have your own personal Creative Marketing Director for 90 minutes!

The Polish It Up VIP Session can help you with any of the following: 

Marketing Strategy

  • We can create a 90-day marketing calendar so you can feel confident with a clear focus and plan.
  • We can curate innovative content where I'll help you leverage what you've got and help you create MORE.

Business Coaching

  • I'll hold space for you and for your vision and creative ideas as we bring them to life.
  • I'll help you lean into the right marketing strategy for you.


  • We can create a launch plan, assign roles to launch tasks to ensure success for both you and your team.


  • I'll support you with copy-editing - more than copywriting - to polish something to YOUR voice, YOUR satisfaction. We can work on 
    • newsletters
    • blog posts
    • social media posts
    • webinar structure and voice
    • video scripts, 
    • Facebook ads 
    • and more

Creative Muse

  • I'll ask guided questions to get you into the creative process so you can "play" with building packages and programs that feel aligned and exciting to you.

Facebook Ads

  • I'll help you find the right copy, the right images and the right strategy for you.