Wouldn’t it be great to get clarity on how to convey your new and exciting business idea?

How would it make your life easier to have a
step-by-step plan of action for your marketing 
so that when you wake up each morning, you know exactly what to do?


How much more could you accomplish in your business
if you were free of the overwhelm of how to
effectively communicate what you do?

Maybe you think you’ve got the right pieces in place, but something is nagging at you…and you want to have a second pair of eyes.

The truth is – you probably have your new creation or launch magically happen
PERFECTLY in your head.

You know the transformation you provide…

You can envision the end result!

The problem is communicating it to your potential clients.

Communicating with your potential clients is another word for marketing.

And if the work "marketing" scares you to death, I want you to know that it CAN be learned (and I'm here to help!)


"Heather has helped me bring my ideas together, leverage my time, create clear messaging and write brilliant marketing sequences . Having a gifted marketing professional like Heather who gets the intuitive side of my business and offers a safe place for me to think out loud and try on ideas is priceless!"


Alicia Isaacs Howes, Soul Connection expert,
founder of www.yoursoulstory.com

It’s time to get some private marketing support to
flesh out, organize and polish your expertise so that you can finally
GET HEARD in this crowded online marketplace.


 The Polish It Up VIP Intensive

It's the perfect way to have your own personal Creative Marketing Director for 90 minutes!

The Polish It Up VIP Session can help you with any of the following: 

Marketing Strategy

  • We can create a 90-day marketing calendar so you can feel confident with a clear focus and plan.

  • We can curate innovative content where I'll help you leverage what you've got and help you create MORE.

Business Coaching

  • I'll hold space for you and for your vision and creative ideas as we bring them to life.

  • I'll help you lean into the right marketing strategy for you.


  • We can create a launch plan, assign roles to launch tasks to ensure success for both you and your team.


  • I'll support you with copy-editing - more than copywriting - to polish something to YOUR voice, YOUR satisfaction. We can work on

    • newsletters

    • blog posts

    • social media posts

    • webinar structure and voice

    • video scripts,

    • Facebook ads

    • and more

Creative Muse

  • I'll ask guided questions to get you into the creative process so you can "play" with building packages and programs that feel aligned and exciting to you.


"Working with Heather for my VIP session was nothing short of miraculous.  She asked just the right questions to capture the essence of my launch and created an entire strategy around that. Her expertise focused on conveying my message effectively to attract my ideal client.  I came out of my session with a complete launch plan, dates, posts, blog topics and knowing how to build excitement. Brilliant and worth every penny!"

Molly Knight Forde, Meditation Mentor, founder of the Awareness School

You’ll leave this powerful intensive with:

  • a solid plan of action on your next steps – laid out in the way that works for you.
  • confidence that you can pull this off without sinking into overwhelm or exhaustion.
  • a clear vision for where to go so that your business can continually move forward.
  • a reason to exhale – YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Here's what's included:

  1. A prep worksheet to help you get crystal clear on what you want to accomplish in our 90-minute session.
  2. One 90-minute virtual consulting session via Zoom, complete with screen-sharing, note taking and helping you get creative AND clear on your next steps.
  3. Your next steps action plan- outlined and clear so you know exactly what to do next.
  4. Access to Heather's best worksheets and templates - based on what we work on in the session - to help propel you forward.
  5. Once-per-week email coaching support from Heather for 3 weeks, so you can ask anything from "How does this sound, Heather?" to "what am I supposed to be doing again?"

Your investment: $450

Click the button below to purchase your Polish It Up VIP Intensive
and get started right away.

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