Congrats! We've had a great discussion
on how I can support you as your
Creative Marketing Director.


I provide customized support for exactly where you are in your business.

Here is more information on the numerous ways I can support you:

Marketing Strategy

  • Create and manage your editorial calendar, which can include the overall marketing plan and specific content creation (so that you can feel confident with a clear focus and plan).
  • Curating innovative content and implementation (I’ll leverage what you've got and/or create MORE from interviewing you and then run with it).
  • New website content creation – I’ll take your vision - the one that truly lights you up - and help you craft your new website copy to reflect that.
  • Review marketing metrics – and adapt for maximum engagement with your tribe (so we can be sure that what we are doing is sticking)

Business Coach

  • Hold space for you and for your vision and creative ideas as we bring them to life.
  • Be the right accountability partner to keep your momentum going.
  • Help you find the right business and marketing strategy for you.

Creative Muse

  • Help you get into the creative process for building packages and programs that feel aligned and exciting to you.
  • Be a sounding board for the flow and delivery of everything that you give to your tribe.


  • Copy-editing - more than copywriting - I can write as little or as much as you need and yet allow you to polish to YOUR voice, YOUR satisfaction level (or not - either way but we would work to find that right balance) for rich, powerful newsletters, blogs, social media, webinars, guest interview outlines, video scripts, Facebook ads and more.

Facebook Ads

  • Grow your list strategically with the right copy, the right image and the right strategy for you.

Basic Graphic Design 

  • Take a load off your plate with basic social media images, Facebook Ad images, buttons and more - all in line with your brand.


  • Create launch plans, assign roles to launch tasks and manage the project from start to finish to ensure success for both you and the harmony of the team.
  • Measure and optimize the launch for maximum success.

Evergreen Marketing

  • Brainstorm, create and manage evergreen launches and sales efforts to sustain your brand and to keep your pipeline full (so you don’t have to have the stress of live launches all the time!).
  • Systematizing ongoing marketing and sales efforts.
  • Support you in automating your marketing processes and standardizing your efforts so that you can have less hiccups and more ease with the whole marketing process.  This could include automated drip campaigns, strategic sales follow up, and more.

Visibility Efforts

  • Be your right-hand-woman to support you in finding/scheduling/making happen

Guest blog posts
Social media participation (to your comfort level)
Growing affiliate opportunities/referral partners (either for you biz or for you to promote others)

Project Manager

  • Serve as the conductor – your wing woman – for the team to ensure you can focus only on the CEO level activities yet keep the ship running.
  • Be adaptable to the company needs as the company evolves and expands.
  • Meet your deadlines and contribute to the success of your company’s goals.
  •  Work with you on the big picture knowing that if Plan A fails we will work out Plan B and Plan C without a hiccup.

Here's how I best work

  • To be a consistent, respected, valued member of your team with an agreed amount of time and effort being dedicated to you and your biz every month.
  • To know your big picture and then be able to work with you as a true partner so that I can best support you in your CEO role.
  • To create structure for you and the team yet also be adaptable to your needs and to the changing needs of the company.
  • To have the ability to create and execute without being micro-managed.
  • To be not only an A-player but a team player. I want a harmonious virtual environment with the team as we meet goals and deadlines – together.
  • To participate in making choices that will best support the company’s goals and mission.
  • Above all - be inspired by you and bring my talent to support YOU and your amazing business.

Your investment options

CMD Silver Package

So you can finally feel supported with marketing and implementation (and not have to do it alone anymore!)


2 x 50-minute coaching calls/month to help you make whip-smart decisions around your business.

3 hours implementation/month as your Creative Marketing Director to guide, support and prompt you with any of the areas above.

Additional hours: $90/hour
Minimum 3-month commitment


CMD Gold Package

So you can take your biz up a notch (or 3!) and receive powerful marketing guidance AND implementation support (and you can focus on being the CEO!)


3 x 50-minute coaching calls/month to help you make whip-smart decisions around your business.

4 hours implementation/month as your Creative Marketing Director to guide, support and prompt you with any of the areas above.

Additional hours: $90/hour
Minimum 3-month commitment


CMD Platinum Package

For an intensive level of marketing support - like your own marketing division!


4 x 50-minute coaching calls/month to help you make whip-smart decisions around your business. This is a weekly call to steer your marketing compass in the best way possible for you!

8 hours Implementation/month as your Creative Marketing Director to to guide, support and prompt you with any of the areas above

Additional hours: $85/hour
Minimum 3-month commitment


Here’s how it works


Select the package above which best suits your needs and click "Yes, Heather, I'm In!"
(Need a custom package? Let's chat some more!)


I'll send you a written agreement to sign to ensure we're on the same page
(And if you have an agreement that you like to use as well, just let me know and we'll work it out!)


I'll send you my calendar so that you can book your coaching call(s) for the first month and we can dive in!
(I always ask you to come to the first call with a brain dump of what you want to accomplish and we go from there)

4. HOURS: 

Your bucket of hours will be purchased before our work for the month each month. Any unused hours can carry over to up to 60 days.

Additional hours needed will be approved in advance and billed to you on the last day of the month.


I require an initial 3-month commitment to work together so I can best support your goals and workflow. After that initial commitment, the contract will automatically renew with a 30-notice to cancel. At the 3-month mark, we will discuss the monthly commitment and pricing so that we can continue to best suit your needs and my availability.

I look forward to supporting you in a powerful way!