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“Investing in Heather is an investment in my energy.

I value that WAY more than the investment of time or money.

Sometimes, she takes stuff herself on and makes it so easy for me...

Sometimes she helps me look at the idea with a new lens and reframe….

And sometimes she helps me see that I’m further along than I think.”

Jenny Remington
Certified Life Coach + Happiness Mentor

"After working with Heather I have succeeded in narrowing my business focus in order to feel less fragmented and remember why I am doing the work that I do!"

Lisa Lewtan
Mindset and Lifestyle Coach, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Radio Show Host

"Heather is someone who can see your ideas, understand them, and help you chart out how to attain them. She is detailed, passionate, supportive, and a forward thinker and someone you will want by your side. Trust me."

Lysa Greer
Producer, Strategist and Founder of
Fresh Take Productions, LLC


"Heather helps me stay in my genius, and she takes care of the rest. She is heart-centered, organized and the perfect compliment to me. My business has vastly improved because of her support!"

Laura Jack

Transformational Life Coach,
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and
Trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute

"Working with Heather is like having a PERSONAL COACH, MIND READER, and CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER. She can take a nugget of an idea and explode it into a fully developed idea or program all while insisting it’s all you."

Chris St. Clair
Professional Divorce and Career Coach

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Working with Heather brought so much clarity and ease to my entire business. I am so thankful for her online marketing expertise, and her consistent calm and supportive energy. If you're looking for clarity and support in your business and marketing, Heather is your girl!"

Caroline Dooner
Author of The F*ck It Diet, a book for chronic dieters

"Heather takes something that seems HUGE in your mind, and she helps you create and implement the great ideas into reality."

Sandra Brougher
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

"Heather has the ability to listen deeply, understand your vision, and then UPLEVEL it. I was able to launch my online business ahead of schedule and even had my first client within the first 2 months of our work together."

Kimberly McMartin
Mind Body Mentor

"Heather's intuitive, organized and heart-centered nature has been a perfect fit for helping me get a roadmap together to better communicate with and inspire my tribe."

Amber Lilyestrom
Soul Based Branding + Biz Coach


"Heather helps leverage my time, create inspired marketing touch points and opens up to new ways of supporting my community.  It's priceless to have gifted marketing professional who gets the intuitive side of my business and offers a safe place for me to try on ideas!"

Alicia Isaacs Howes
Soul Connection Expert, Founder of

"Behind Heather’s casual, easy going attitude is a woman with laser – like focus who shows you everything you need to know and do to have a well organized, successful launch."

Anita Capizzi R.N., CHC

"Heather is an amazing business woman. She’s not afraid to say it like it is and she’s as committed (and sometimes more) as I am in my own success.  She holds the vision of me at my highest even when I cannot in the moment." 

Kevra Cherne
Founder of Money Freedom Solutions

"Heather’s private coaching sessions have been phenomenal!! So much juicy stuff comes from them that I hadn’t been able to get on paper on my own. I now have outlines for 2 things I’ve thought about creating for a year."

Dana Garced
Meditation Mentor

"Without Heather's coaching I would not have had the courage and know-how to step into massive visibility and launch multiple times. And I would not have discovered the joy of sharing my gifts with those who need them. Heather knows how to both teach and whip up kick-ass marketing on the spot. She is a treasure!"

Michelle White Hart
Video & Visibility Mentor

"If you are feeling stuck in your business, but know you are meant to do more and you aren’t sure where to start...Heather’s help will get you there!"

Lori Brier Strong
Certified Child Sleep Consultant

"I had someone tell me, ‘Your marketing is fantastic!’, and I owe all of that success to Heather."

Jennifer Nassi
Clear Skin Diva

"Heather was able to help me build the program that had been floating around in my mind. She helped me realize that I already had the content I needed for my program and then we strategized the best ways to put that content together to form it.

Once we did that - she helped me market and launch the program - all in a very short period of time!"

Margaret Connor
MPH, Family Health and Wellness

"I learned so much I didn’t even know I didn’t know about putting together a launch! I never felt overwhelmed. Heather was great at holding my hand and keeping me on track to create the event of my dreams."

Maggie Luther, ND

"I went from totally stressed out to feeling calm and in charge of my own process."

Teresaa Stovin, PhD

"I now have this amazing container and structure for my marketing, and it’s helping me to stay on track and be consistent with what I’m putting out there. It’s also really taken away the overwhelm, because I have a clear, detailed plan to follow, and strategies to use to continue creating my own marketing plan going forward."

Jesse Webb
Webb Marketing Goddess

"Having a launch plan, that I can recreate and tweak, is helpful on so many levels so I can launch whatever program I decide to offer in the future. I now feel like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up!"

Gigi Gravel
Weight Loss Transformation & Empowerment Coach

"After working with Heather, I had a clear launch schedule knowing exactly what components I needed at any given time in my launch and I felt so much at ease while launching."

Tomasa Macapinlac
Your Business Mojo Mentor


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